Today on CBT News, David Lewis is back on the show discussing a number of different topics across the automotive industry. Lewis is the CEO of David Lewis and Associates, as well as the host of Straight Talk on CBT News. Lewis specializes in dealership sales and management training.

Lewis begins the conversation by looking ahead to 2021. Lewis says the big takeaway from the COVID-19 era is the importance of digital retailing. While he does believe most car shoppers want to come into the dealership, he does think digital retailing has changed preliminary shopping among car buyers. Lewis says that the successful dealers prepare car shoppers with a quality online platform, specifically through videos to help customers get a feel for the car before walking into the dealership.

Lewis says that sales strategies have changed from methods from years ago. In the past, sales managers would operate based on what they were taught from sales managers they worked for in the past. The sales strategies were handed down over and over again without evolving with the times. Lewis says that for sales teams to be successful, sales managers must get away from this traditional line of thinking and consider new ways the operate the sales department.

Lewis believes that sales managers shouldn’t tell their teams to withhold information. He believes that salespeople are capable of providing a strong foot forward by being upfront and honest with the customer. In today’s climate, customers will not respond well if they feel like communication is lacking. This makes it so important for salespeople to develop a strong foundation of trust. 

Lewis concludes the conversation by giving his take on the inventory and how it will impact 2021. He says the auto business is like a roller coaster as it goes up and down. He says he would lean on the side of caution and tells dealers to prepare for a small dip. Lewis says the best way to combat the dip is for dealers to focus on their gross profits.

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