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Toxic employees, despite their success in meeting targets and achieving results, can have a detrimental impact on the dealership's culture.

How to manage high-performing, but toxic employees in fixed operations

In the dynamic world of automotive dealership fixed operations, the pursuit of excellence is paramount. Dealerships rely on a dedicated team of technicians, service...
With a suite of data presentation tools, the Digital Leaderboard deepens the connection and trust across all levels of the dealership.

How a digital leaderboard can drive performance at your dealership

From sales to fixed-ops, dealership teams are ill-prepared for today's rapidly evolving automotive landscape. As was apparent throughout last year, prices are falling, competition...
The best collaborative leadership style for a business will depend on its specific objectives and the needs of its employees.

Stop commanding and start communicating: 6 benefits of collaborative leadership

The success of a business depends heavily on its people, including everyone from entry-level employees to top executives. Everyone plays a role, and therefore...
Cross training can provide benefits for both departments, including empathy, better deals and stronger hiring.

3 reasons why it’s important to cross train sales & F&I

Cross training in any business setting is always looked at as an important part of helping the entire team not only understand more about...
Dealership employees approach a sales conversation with emotional intelligence.

Lead the pack: Why emotional intelligence is the key to automotive...

Emotional intelligence, also referred to as emotional quotient or simply EQ, is important in any workplace but especially comes in handy at a car...

Conquering your self-doubt: how to get out of your own way

Running a successful auto dealership requires a mix of business acumen, passion, and dedication. Despite having these traits, self-doubt can still creep in and...
Explore 5 key initiatives for fostering collaboration and driving success across dealership departments, from a CFO's perspective.

5 ways to knock down silos and build bridges across dealership...

If there is one thing I have learned in my 20+ years working in auto dealerships, it is that an auto dealership, at the...
Learn how dealership leaders can take a play out of Elon Musk's book and effectively leverage the timeboxing method.

What is timeboxing? Decoding Elon Musk’s famous time management technique

There is no doubt billionaire Elon Musk is a very busy entrepreneur seeing as he now owns five companies including Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter (now...
Scott Mautz change

Leading employees through times of change — Scott Mautz

Initiating change can be challenging for everyone, but, as leaders, business owners can find it even more difficult to guide their employees throughout developments...
Schaubert, inclusion inclusive

Fixing the disconnect between dealers and fixed ops with inclusion

Chris Schaubert, the Founder of Fixed Ops Solutions, joins Inside Automotive for another discussion on service department excellence. On this episode, Schaubert and host Jim Fitzpatrick...