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This exclusive monthly show aims to help sales and fixed-ops teams advance their careers, break records, improve service, and earn more money for themselves and their dealerships. Obtain critical communication skills and master customer interactions through in-depth guides covering scenarios ranging from in-person meetings to emails and phone calls. Learn practical strategies that help convert leads and drive sales performance with lessons on customer retention practices and follow-up approaches.

Inside Automotive is a groundbreaking network show that offers a captivating blend of dealership news, automotive retailing best practices, and cutting-edge industry insights from top executives and analysts. Featuring trailblazing industry insiders, this show offers a comprehensive look into the latest happenings within dealerships, highlighting key trends and developments. Through interviews with successful dealers, expert analysis, and practical advice, viewers gain valuable knowledge on implementing effective strategies, improving operations, and navigating the ever-changing automotive landscape.

Relational vs. transactional strategies for lasting customer loyalty

Welcome to the world of loyalty-based selling strategies, where every interaction is a step towards forging lasting connections and creating memorable experiences. In this...

How to greet customers on the phone or in the service department

Welcome to the first episode of Loyalty-Based Sales Strategies with Jen Suzuki on CBT News! In this series, Suzuki, president of eDealer Solutions, veteran...