Kerrigan Report: March Sees Top Luxury Franchises Increasing Their Market Share

Kerrigan Advisors Market Updatevideo
Welcome to the Kerrigan Advisors Market Update with Bridget Fitzpatrick and Ryan Kerrigan, managing director for Kerrigan Advisors. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT:  Bridget Fitzpatrick: Tell us about the Kerrigan Index's performance in March. Ryan Kerrigan: The Kerrigan Index was up a significant 6% for the month, while the S&P...

What Does Digital Retailing Have To Do With F&I?

On this week's episode of F&I Today Becky Chernek talks about digital retailing and what it has to do with F&I. Why should you worry about digital retailing in your F&I department? Digital retailing is currently the biggest trend in the automotive industry, and...

Pros and Cons of the Planned Demo Route

demo routevideo
  On today's episode of Straight Talk, David Lewis of David Lewis and Associates discusses the pros and cons of a practice that started in the 1970's that weakens the sales presentation and could lessen the chance of a potential sale: the planned demo route. Video Transcription: Hello...

A House Divided Will Not Stand

"A house divided will not stand." Make sure your heart and mind are in the same place when you come in today. Jonathan Dawson wants you to be fully invested in today on Saturday Morning Sales Meeting.

How to Increase the Effective Labor Rate of Your Shop

labor ratevideo
On this week's episode of the Weekly Tune-Up, Almog Veig of David Lewis & Associates talks about how to increase the effective labor rate of your shop without jeopardizing customer relations at the same time.

Customer Relationship Management

Kain &
On this week's Kain & Company, David talks about customer relationship management and CRM culture.

The Power of Right Example

On this week's episode of Hard Truths with Dave Anderson we talk about the power of right example. Everybody is already leading by example, but the question is what example are you leading by? People will listen to what you say but they are...

Cross-Selling and Pump-In, Pump-Out Data

On this week's episode of Auto Marketing Now, Brian Pasch talks about cross-selling and pump-in, pump-out data as well as some new tools to help give yourself more real time insights on what's happening in your local market.

Moments of Truth

moments of truthvideo
Moments of truth define you as a salesperson. The way you handle certain things the customer throws at you has a direct effect on the customer experience. Mark Tewart talks more about these moments of truth, or "MOT's" as he calls them, on this...

Do Spot Decisions Really Help Sell More Cars?

spot decisionsvideo
On this week's edition of F&I Today, Becky Chernek talks about making spot decisions and whether or not they actually help your dealership sell more cars.
Lisa Copelandvideo

Lisa Copeland on Industry Trends, Dealer’s Pain Points, and Fiat Leaving the U.S. Market

On today’s show, we welcome back Lisa Copeland, founder of Lisa Copeland Global and CEO of Cars Her Way. Lisa always has great insight...
technician droughtvideo

How Dealerships Can Overcome the Service Technician Drought – John Fairchild, Fixed-Ops Expert

Every dealer knows that there is a lack of good service technicians in the fixed-ops department. So how can dealership’s proactively prepare themselves to...
digital retailing

Are Digital Retailing Tools Promising More Than They Can Deliver?

Digital Retailing or DR for short is the latest and greatest thing, dominating press releases, blogs and discussions at NADA 2019, unseating ‘AI’, ‘machine...
mom and pop

How Can Mom And Pop Dealerships Survive Big Tech?

Economists say that it’s too early to fully determine the impact larger companies have on small businesses. Some research proves that big tech companies...

Positive Reactions to Negative Rejections

Even the best salesperson will have a bad day. Rejection comes hand-in-hand with sales, so it’s essential to know how to react when the...

It’s Time to Amp Up Our Language

Old sales language doesn't work on today's hyper-informed customers like it used to. On today's episode of Kain & Co., David Kain talks about...

Ambiguity is the Enemy of Accountability

   On this week’s episode of Hard Truths with host Dave Anderson, Dave talks about eliminating ambiguity as a step to full accountability in your leadership. VIDEO...

How to Evaluate The Value of Your Third-Party Classified Partner

Do auto dealers need third-party classified marketplaces? Brian Pasch discusses how you can evaluate the value of your third-party classified partner on today's episode...

Attractive Words and Phrases

The way we word things can make all the difference when trying to close a sale. In this week's edition of On the Mark, Mark...