Technology, Transparency, and the A-Z Sales Process

On this week's episode of Kain & Co., David invites Glen Tuscan of Dealer Commitment Service, Inc. to talk about trust and transparency, technology, and the A-Z selling process.

Lessons in Leadership

What does it take to be a good leader? Mark Tewart gives some tips on how to get the most out of your team on today's episode of On the Mark.

Last Click Attribution

 On today's Auto Marketing Now, Brian Pasch tackles the ugly giant of automotive digital marketing; last click attribution.

Program Yourself to Sell 20 Units a Month

20 unitsvideo
On this week's episode of the Tom Stuker Show, Tom explains how you can give yourself the best chance to succeed by programming yourself to sell 20 or more units a month.

How to Create Magic on the Phone

  On today's show, Becky talks about increasing profits in your service drive with some tips on answering your valuable incoming calls.

Phone-Ups That Lead to a Sale

  On today's episode of Straight Talk, David Lewis talks about phone-ups and gives some powerful tips for turning an incoming customer call into a sale. Video Transcription: Well it’s time for another episode of Straight Talk, the program that gives you straightforward information and tips on...

Do You Have Your “E’s” Turned Up Today?

Do you have your "E's" turned up today? Bring your enthusiasm, excitement, energy and experience into the dealership and watch what happens. Hear how you can get your customers on the "Yes Train" with Paul Cummings on today's Saturday Morning Sales Meeting.

Goals, Health, Wellness, and Achievement (Part 2)

  In part two of his three-part series on goals, health, wellness, and peak performance in the new year, Cory Mosley invites Delatorro McNeal, CEO of Platinum Performance Global, to discuss peak performance and presentation skills.

How Visuals Can Increase Sales in Your Dealership

On this week's episode of F&I Today, Becky Chernek goes over the importance of visuals in your presentation and how you can use video, pictures, and graphics to get your point across to the customer.   Video Transcription: Welcome to F&I Today I’m your host Becky Chernek....

Redeeming Your Time

hard truthsvideo
Many managers waste way too much time, judging their progress on how many hours they've worked. It's not the hours you put in that make you effective, it's what you put in those hours. On this week's episode of Hard Truths, Dave Anderson talks...

How to Take Advantage of the Peak Season Sales

Like most sectors, the automotive industry has its cycles. Generally, those selling cars can expect slumps in the winter and summer, with things picking...
revenue streamsvideo

Creative Revenue Streams You May Want to Consider at Your Dealership – Trevor Gile,...

Bringing in-house revenue streams that your dealership would traditionally outsource could be the difference between a thriving business and one just making the cut,...

How to Upsell Accessories in your Dealership

Car shoppers are spending roughly $41 billion a year on auto accessories, according to a 2018 report from Reynolds & Reynolds. Yet, retail automotive dealerships...

Are OEM Recalls Effecting Overall Dealership Sales?

Last week the Center for Auto Saftey (CAS) published a demand for a recall of faulty KIA and Hyundai vehicles. Their demand is due...

7 Hiring Strategies to Help You Bring Top-Notch Talent to Your Dealership – Richard...

Every dealer knows that one of the more challenging aspects of running a successful business is hiring and keeping the right team...easier said than...

Make This a Transformational Day

Do what you can to make everyone and everything around you better. Rob Shallenberger is inviting you to make today a transformational day on...

Are You Using Menu Selling for Compliance?

On this week's episode of F&I Today, Becky Chernek asks the question, "Are you using menu selling for compliance?" and goes over other ways...

Competitive Analysis

 Many times you can't see the picture behind the frame. We often get caught up in our own dealership bubble and can't see past...

Being An Unconditional Performer

Many people can have a good day after a good night's sleep or if they're feeling 100 percent. That's called being a "conditional performer."...