Creating Custom Scripts to Track Engagement

  On today's episode of Auto Marketing Now, Brian Pasch talks about Google Tag Manager and creating custom scripts to track customer engagement.

How to Hire Employees Effectively

On this week's episode of the Tom Stuker Show, Tom talks about the initial interview to hiring new employees who will become a part of your winning sales team and how you more effectively.

How Your Telephone Can Be Your Most Valuable Resource

On this week's edition of the Weekly Tune-Up, Becky Nixon discusses how your telephone can be your most valuable resource for developing new business and increasing traffic coming into your service department.

What are you motivated by?

We all nee motivation to keep things going and push us forward. On today's episode of Straight Talk, David Lewis asks: What keeps you motivated to accomplish your goals?

Starting and ending the day on a good note

good notevideo
Start and end your day on a good note. Mark Tewart wants you to do everything you can to make today worth celebrating on today's Saturday Morning Sales Meeting.

The Importance of a Winning Attitude

On this week's episode of F&I Today, Becky Chernek discusses the importance of a winning attitude and how your attitude can make you or break you in the F&I world.

Texting Strategy

Adults spend an average of 23 hours a week texting. Every day there are about 6 billion text messages sent in the U.S. with a 98% open and engagement rate. On today's Progressive Retail, Cory Mosley gives you some tips on how you can...

Accountability Between Your Dealership Team and Management

On this week's episode of Kain & Co., David invites his daughter Jessica on to discuss a presentation she gave recently on the right and wrong ways to handle accountability at your dealership.  

Traits of Great Leadership

On this week's episode of On the Mark, Mark Tewart discusses certain leadership traits that are shared amongst great leaders as well as some traits that poor leaders possess.

2018 Digital Marketing Playbook (Part 3)

digital marketingvideo
On this week's edition of Auto Marketing Now, Brian Pasch continues his series based on the 2018 Digital Marketing Playbook. Today, Brian goes over paid search and display advertising opportunities.
voice search

Voice Search Engine Optimization for The Automotive Industry

As the way of the Internet and technology, companies need to continually update their services to best suit the needs of their customers. As...
job ads

Writing Great Dealership Job Ads And Who They Attract

Before the start of any role, the first contact that an individual has with your company is through your job ad posting. Thus, making...
fleet sales

How Fleet Sales Affect Residual Values

Fleet Sales is often a dirty word in the auto industry. This can be true on the manufacturer side as well as the dealer...
5-star reviews

Why Your Customers Write 5-Star Reviews

What motivates your customers to write absolutely glowing reviews – those five-star shout-outs that attract more customers to your lot? At a time when...
renewable road

New Roads Pave the Way to Autonomous Driving Future in China and the U.S.

In December 2017, a 3,540-foot-long stretch of road opened up in the eastern Chinese city of Jinan. This is no ordinary road. In fact,...

Do Spot Decisions Really Help Sell More Cars?

On this week's edition of F&I Today, Becky Chernek talks about making spot decisions and whether or not they actually help your dealership sell...

The 7 Circles of Internet Sales Success – Training Circle

On today’s episode of Progressive Retail, Cory Mosley continues his series on the 7 Circles of Internet Sales Success by going over the Training...

Opening the Call: What to say to make a good first...

"The better you are prepared before reaching out to your customer, the better the conversation will be." Opening the call is much like your first...

Lessons in Leadership

What does it take to be a good leader? Mark Tewart gives some tips on how to get the most out of your team...