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Salesperson leverages her online presence to engage with car shoppers

Higher PVR starts with earlier online presence for F&I

Dealerships who resisted the call in the past to start investing heavily into their online presence were finally forced to embrace this shift during...
F&I transparency

The time is now for F&I transparency

Even before the pandemic, the auto industry was undergoing a transformation. Operations like CarMax and Carvana were delivering "no surprise" experiences to customers, while Tesla sought to skip...
By translating customer feedback into actionable knowledge, dealerships can upgrade customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge.

How to make customer feedback part of your dealership’s growth strategy

In today’s highly competitive market, dealerships are continuously searching for new and creative ways to gain a competitive advantage. One often underestimated resource that...
There are some easy ways to both be sure current staff is well versed in compliance and that your new hires are too.

F&I checklist and tips for better compliance

Every F&I manager has that thing that’s a perpetual thorn in their side. That thorn is compliance. It’s probably unfair to describe compliance so negatively...
Video advertising allows dealerships to place ads across many of the most popular ad-supported streaming services like Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Vehicle sales are cooling off. Is this ad platform the solution?

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive sales, dealers constantly seek innovative ways to reverse sales slumps and attract potential buyers. And it’s no secret...
Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize marketing, streamlining the traditionally labor-intensive and speculative process.

Where does generative AI fit into dealership operations?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been revolutionizing different industries, and the dealership sector is not immune to its impact. Generative AI, a specific type of...
August vehicle sales rise 17% YoY, nearing 18% forecast. Honda shines, but market softening signs emerge. OEMs eye future incentives.

August U.S. vehicle sales: signs of a market slowdown?

August, traditionally a significant month for car sales, has offered the auto industry a mixed bag of data. While there's notable year-over-year growth of...
By strategically building their own service-to-sales pipeline, dealers of all sizes and OEMs can fuel their service drive’s profitability

How to adapt your dealership to navigate the service-to-sales evolution

The service department has always proven to be a major driver of profitability for dealers of every size. Even so, current market dynamics are increasingly...
Let’s dive into why having your own advertising accounts is a good idea, and what could happen if you don’t.

The power and necessity of owning your advertising accounts

Marketing managers, general managers, and advertising or marketing agencies might not agree on this one: You should create your own ads account whenever you...
On this episode of Inside Automotive, anchor Shyann Malone sits down with Kevin Tynan, senior automotive analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence.

Bloomberg’s Kevin Tynan on Monterey Car Week, EV trends, and UAW...

On this episode of Inside Automotive, anchor Shyann Malone sits down with Kevin Tynan, senior automotive analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence, to dive into the...