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This article offers valuable­ insights and strategic approaches to help de­alerships navigate the use­d EV market successfully.

How to successfully navigate the used EV market

The automotive­ industry is undergoing a notable shift towards ele­ctric vehicles (EVs), driven by the­ growing environmental awarene­ss among consumers and advancements in EV...
The best salespeople develop rapport with the customer and help the customer understand the vehicle's value without talking about price.

How to win over a customer who is fixated on price

It's no secret that prices are certainly a focus of customers who come into your dealership. Amongst many other parts of car shopping that...
Let's delve into the fascinating interplay of psychology and decision-making as we dissect the car buyer's journey

Decoding car buyer personas: Understanding emotional triggers and decision-making factors

Everyone likes to think they're logical. That their decisions, particularly those with substantial financial implications, like purchasing a car, are based purely on objective...
Trainers for F&I managers

Your best F&I trainers may already be under your roof

When it comes to training your newer F&I managers, who do you trust to do it? Senior managers? Your Director? Or do you use your...
Car dealership employees review safety training materials

How to make your dealership’s safety training less tedious and confusing

A challenging aspect of running any business is safety training, and this especially applies to auto dealerships. While many dealers are pretty successful in...

Creativity with F&I menus can ease buyer’s worries in 2023

Just when used car prices were starting to come back down to Earth a bit and inventory levels are beginning to rise…you now have...
trade-in December auto sales

New vehicle sales, inventory, and prices rise in December 2022

U.S. auto sales in December will likely improve by 4% year-over-year to 1.27 million, according to a forecasted analysis conducted by Cox Automotive. However,...
EV tax credits, credit

Treasury Dept. announces consumer leases can qualify for new EV tax...

As of January 1, 2023, automakers selling EVs with final assembly outside of North America could qualify for a commercial vehicle tax credit, according...

Tesla reports record 405,000 vehicle deliveries in Q4, misses annual guidance

Despite losing 65% of its market value in 2022, Telsa is still the world’s most valuable automaker. In a report released by Telsa, its...
PVR, franchise

How dealers can get involved in the battle to protect their...

For years, auto sales have been facilitated through franchised dealers, but the direct-to-consumer sales model is becoming more prominent as newer automakers opt to...