J.D. Power’s Jonathan Banks on Smart Inventory Tactics

In this insightful interview with Jonathan Banks, Data & Analytics at J.D. Power, Joe drills down to uncover findings and best practices for dealers during the current market plateau. Used car inventories are growing and prices are dropping. This all benefits the consumer but how can dealers...

Why Mike Jackson is optimistic about used car sales

Mike Jacksonvideo
Around 45 Million used vehicles were sold in the U.S. last year. As impressive as that number is, it may be surpassed in 2017. In this interview with CNBC, AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson explains why he's optimistic about the future of the used vehicle...

Why are 10 year-old cars in demand?

In what could give an unintentional boost to ride-sharing and car-sharing services, younger and less-affluent motorists are having a difficult time finding older and more affordable used vehicles on dealers’ lots. While supplies of late-model pre-driven vehicles are healthy, especially given the skyrocketing popularity of...

5 ideas to improve reconditioning used-car inventory

Common mistakes in reconditioning used-car inventory vehicles can erode dealer margins and competitiveness. Recon’s efficiency – or lack of it – affects the entire store, so fixing these mistakes isn’t just a recon issue. Here are the mistakes and fixes. Us vs. Them: Recon touches many...

Try this solution for the used vehicle lifecycle

Angie Babinvideo
VP Of Manheim Retail Advantage Angie Babin Discusses Used Vehicle Lifecycle Management

More Prime customers moving to used cars

Melinda Zabritskivideo
More and more prime-credit auto consumers who could swing a new-car deal instead are opting for used vehicles. It’s something of a marketplace phenomenon and reflects, among other things, how far used-car quality has come since the days when buying a pre-owned vehicle came with...

FTC makes a big move on recalled vehicles

The public has long been wary of used cars and the claims of roadworthiness by the dealers who sell them. On Friday, the nation’s main advertising regulator issued a ruling that consumer groups complained will give used-car dealers too much leeway in the disclosures...

Used cars outpacing new cars?

Joe Gumm sits down with Jonathan Banks, VP of analysis and analytics with J.D. Power  

Is AutoNation jumping back into the used car biz?

AutoNation Inc. plans to spend as much as $500 million to expand its footprint in the U.S., as the nation’s largest dealership group by sales confronts softening light-vehicle demand and increased earnings pressure. The Fort Lauderdale, Fla.,-based retailer said Friday that income from continuing operations fell 9%...

Giving Used Car Lots Facelifts

Giving Used Car Lots Facelifts Joe Gumm Interviews Michael Cohen of Silver Star Motors


ford and Volkswagen

Ford and Volkswagen Join Forces

Volkswagon AG and Ford set the auto industry abuzz, announcing they’ve come to agreements regarding an alliance. According to Volkswagen, the plan is for...

Finding New Paths to Profitability at Your Dealership – Trevor Gile | What Cadillac’s...

Today on CBTNews.com - Wednesday, January 16th, 2019: Finding New Paths to Profitability at Your Dealership - Trevor Gile, Motorcars Honda The annual NADA show is...
tax season

Your Dealership Could Sell More Cars During Tax Season Than You Would Imagine

Let’s face it: taxes are rarely anyone’s favorite topic. Few people look to tax season with anticipation, with the exception of accountants… and dealerships? That’s...

What Cadillac’s Announcement Means for the EV’s in 2019

One of the hottest automotive trends of recent years has been the rise of the Electric Vehicle (EV). With companies like Tesla setting the...

Updating your “Why Buy Here” Proposition

  On this week's episode of On the Mark, Mark Tewart tells you what you can do to update your "Why Buy Here" proposition.

Focusing Less on Conversions and More on Outcomes

On today's episode of Auto Marketing Now, Brian Pasch challenges dealers to focus less on conversions and more on outcomes.

Proven Menu Selling Techniques

 On today's episode of F&I Today, Becky Chernek discusses how over-complicated menu selling can be detrimental to your success, and how being consistent and...