The Importance of Stopping the Clock

stopping the clock

Things like meeting the customer at the salesperson’s desk, or simply shaking their hand, can be essential to your process. On today’s Tip of the Day, Becky Chernek discusses the importance of “stopping the clock.”


Welcome to the Tip of the Day on CBT. I’m Becky Chernek. You know, I can’t begin to stress the importance of stopping the clock. You’ve got to meet the customer at the salesperson’s desk whenever that you can. Acknowledge the customer, let them know that you do understand that they’re taking delivery of their vehicle and that you’ll also be taking care of their paperwork. Assure the customer that you’ll be with them as quickly as possible, and answer any questions that they may have. You know a simple handshake here makes all the difference in the world, and the salesperson will thank you for it later, too. By meeting the customer and stopping the clock, will help to reduce the customer resistance, and it streamlines the process.

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