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In this article, we'll explain how to use QR codes as part of your dealership's marketing plan, to better get messages out to more people.

4 ways to incorporate QR codes into your dealership marketing strategy

We are sure you've seen these little grids on posters or mail pieces. These are QR codes, and they are rather versatile and straightforward...
See how automotive dealerships are winning over younger car buyers with cutting-edge digital strategies and irresistible engagement.

Dealerships explore new strategies to win over younger car buyers

Imagine a family-owned dealership deeply rooted in tradition but now facing a pressing dilemma: attracting the elusive younger generation. As digital platforms and social...
In automotive, we rely on the CSI score to give us feedback – and the telephone experience is a high priority on that survey.

How a telephone system can increase your CSI score

Customer Experience (CX) is created every time a customer engages with your dealership from car shopping research to ongoing service and repair work. It’s...
Today’s service customers want to work with an empathetic, caring person who starts an integrated process that makes service go smoothly.

2024 – Innovate or Stagnate

Let’s just say it out loud, yes, there are headwinds and challenges ahead for dealerships. Yes, the challenges are in both sales and service....
A video lead response can lead to more engagement, more sales, and overall better interaction with your customers.

7 essential video lead response tips for car dealerships

Video has become part of everyday life, ranging from entertaining people to providing a quick education on just about any subject you could imagine....
dealership online reviews

How to grow your dealership’s online reviews and reputation

It's no secret that online reviews are essential for businesses, which goes double for auto dealerships. With so much competition, it's crucial to have...
By translating customer feedback into actionable knowledge, dealerships can upgrade customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge.

How to make customer feedback part of your dealership’s growth strategy

In today’s highly competitive market, dealerships are continuously searching for new and creative ways to gain a competitive advantage. One often underestimated resource that...

5 ways to turn customers into ambassadors for your dealership

What is more powerful than well-drafted ad copy, video content, or a social media post about your dealership's discounts? You may be surprised to...
In this article, we debunk some AI myths, explore its role in the dealership, and discover why striking the right balance is essential.

The truth about Goldilocks, AI and your dealership

Let’s face it: technology is no longer a luxury for most of the world; it’s a necessity. Every industry has experienced drastic changes due...
loyalty programs

Loyalty programs: How to use them more effectively at your car...

In selling products, dealerships have an incredible opportunity to acquire new customers and retain existing ones. But, according to S&P Global Mobility, the truth...