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By translating customer feedback into actionable knowledge, dealerships can upgrade customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge.

How to make customer feedback part of your dealership’s growth strategy

In today’s highly competitive market, dealerships are continuously searching for new and creative ways to gain a competitive advantage. One often underestimated resource that...
Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize marketing, streamlining the traditionally labor-intensive and speculative process.

Where does generative AI fit into dealership operations?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been revolutionizing different industries, and the dealership sector is not immune to its impact. Generative AI, a specific type of...
By strategically building their own service-to-sales pipeline, dealers of all sizes and OEMs can fuel their service drive’s profitability

How to adapt your dealership to navigate the service-to-sales evolution

The service department has always proven to be a major driver of profitability for dealers of every size. Even so, current market dynamics are increasingly...
Managing your existing BDC can be a tall order, but it is worth exploring to find out if you can improve sales and service.

In-house vs external BDC: How and why to make a switch

For a dealership, follow-up with customers is absolutely crucial. Some customers will choose which dealership to shop at based on interactions with salespeople over...
On today's Inside Automotive, we're joined by Shep Hyken explores how dealerships can elevate their customer experience using AI

Leveraging AI as an asset in the dealership rather than being...

Artificial Intelligence is changing how some companies conduct business, especially in customer service. It may already replace roles in some industries, but is that...
By prioritizing the customer experience, dealers can cultivate a community of brand advocates that generate repeat business and referrals.

Why customer experience is your dealership’s ultimate marketing tool

In the dim glow of a local dealership, Sarah drove off the lot with her brand-new sedan. Instead of feeling like just another sale,...
A video lead response can lead to more engagement, more sales, and overall better interaction with your customers.

7 essential video lead response tips for car dealerships

Video has become part of everyday life, ranging from entertaining people to providing a quick education on just about any subject you could imagine....
In this article, we'll explain how to use QR codes as part of your dealership's marketing plan, to better get messages out to more people.

4 ways to incorporate QR codes into your dealership marketing strategy

We are sure you've seen these little grids on posters or mail pieces. These are QR codes, and they are rather versatile and straightforward...
Car shopping doesn't have to be stressful. With the right approach, you can help turn it into a fun, engaging, and empowering experience.

How to make car shopping more fun for your customers

Car shopping should be e­njoyable, not intimidating. As a dealership owne­r, your job goes be­yond simply selling a car. It includes providing helpful advice­...
Purpose is the dealership's foundational framework on which it builds long-term company culture, goals, missions, and values.

How to unlock the power of purpose and drive your dealership...

The bar to becoming a successful automotive group is extremely high. Worth $2.86 trillion in 2021, the automotive industry is indubitably one of the most...