Promoted to Management? 2 Tips to Run Your Dealership Team


Congratulations, you have now been promoted to run a team. So either you have been brought in from the outside or from the inside to run the team that you are a part of. You’re excited and you’re ready to make your mark. I wanted to give you two things to do before you even get started.

1. Sit down with the leadership of your dealership and go through the reasons why you were promoted. Meaning, why did the make this management change. Was it that the person who was running it before was promoted, great. Or, is it did they fail in some way, did they not meet some requirement. You need to understand what the metrics are that they’re looking for in terms of success. It is not important about what you think you are going to be able to accomplish, it’s what does the leadership expect of you? And make sure you are very clear about that.

2. The second tip is: When you are ready to start getting involved with your team, make sure you take the time to observe your team before you go in and start making changes.
There are only two reasons why success is not achieved. It is either you have the wrong process, or you have the wrong execution. So make sure you take time to watch, listen, and learn so that you can understand what you need to develop. Is it a new process, is it better execution, so again take the time look at those two steps. So congratulations, I wish you the best success for you and your team.

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