Confused About Vendor Speak?

vendor speak

Are you confused about vendor speak? Are your vendors using language your team can understand? If they’re not, Glenn Pasch has a few suggestions.  


Hi, Glenn Pasch here with your CBT marketing tip of the day. Vendor Speak. Now you may not know what that means, but I’m sure as a dealer or a dealership employee, you’ve probably sat through monthly calls and you’re going, “What did that vendor mean with all of those words they use? They send me this long report with a lot of numbers and graphs and I just look at it and I’m confused and when they talk to me, I’m more confused”. That’s vendor speak. Talking in a language you don’t understand. Well, that has to stop, both from a vendor perspective and also from dealers. It’s time for you to demand that your vendors explain to you what they’re doing every single month in terms that you understand. What their strategy is, what tasks they’re going to be doing, or did during the month to help move your marketing forward. And lastly, and most importantly they have to explain the results in a way that you understand. I call it napkin math. It should be that simple. I did this, this is what it did, here’s the results. That simple.

If they’re not willing to do that, well then it may be time to consider changing vendors. So again, your tip today is to get your vendors to speak to you in a language that you understand so you understand where all of your marketing dollars are going.

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