What Are Your Rituals of Success?

rituals of success

What are your rituals of success? How many calls? How many emails? How many face-to-face meetings? Mark Tewart explains a program he uses to impact your day.


All right it’s time for our tip of the day. It comes from Mark Tewart. I want to talk to you today about rituals of success. There are certain things that if you do every single day versus not doing them it makes you happier and it makes you more successful. It could be exercise. It could be your spiritual rules of success. It could be a certain amount of phone calls. I often talk about a 10-10-10-10 program; 10 calls, 10 e-mails, 10 mailers, and 10 face-to-face conversations. Well, I know that if you practice that ritual of success you’ll be successful. What are your rituals of success? Write them down. Look at them implement them every day and nobody can deny you look at and identify your rituals of success.

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