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brand white label F&I

Leveraging the power of your dealer brand with white label F&I

Even though dealers have to manage multiple competing issues of low inventory, rising lending rates, and a pandemic that is not quite 100% gone,...
digital security

Jeffrey Katzenberg and Hari Ravichandran discuss digital security in the dealership

Aura is a digital services platform providing security solutions for internet users across the world. The company was founded by CEO Hari Ravichandran after...
F&I managers

How to help struggling F&I managers embrace change

When someone has done the same job for years, the exact same way every day, it can be a challenge to get them to...
Scott Gunnell discusses auto financing and insurance

What will F&I look like in the future? JM&A Group’s Scott...

Scott Gunnell is the new Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at JM&A Group where he has worked for 20 years to provide...
credit unions

CU’s share of auto lending increasing — How to compete in...

“I have my loan already handled with my credit union.” There is not an F&I Manager on the planet that enjoys hearing that from...
closing, financing and insurance

Closing in F&I starts with a strong opening

Most salespeople judge their entire career by how good of a closer they are. In F&I specifically, closing more deals with higher rates and...
fixed price F&I

Is there room for fixed F&I pricing at your dealership?

Who likes to haggle? No one. But in F&I this has been seen as not only expected but customary for decades. No two buyers...
F&I questions

Small changes in F&I questions can yield big results

To sell anything to anyone, regardless of the product or industry, it’s important to master one thing: asking the right questions. In the dealership...

5 areas where dealers can communicate better with customers

About 90% of loyal dealership clients are still going to consider another brand when the time comes to get a new vehicle. Even if...

How to stay competitive with online VSC companies

Since the pandemic hit, dealers are finding that the landscape of online aftermarket providers has increased, and they are targeting consumers that want to...