Increasing Product Sales By Training Your Sales Department

product sales

On today’s Tip of the Day, Becky Chernek talks about how educating your entire dealership on the products you have for sale can increase overall profits and make for a more cohesive customer experience.


Becky Chernek: Welcome to the tip of the day on CBT, I’m Becky Chernek. Now, if you want to increase your product sales, train your sales department. If you can’t attend a sales meeting, which I highly recommend that you do, at least make it a point to meet with your salespeople one-on-one, go over all the products with your sales department. I am not saying that you’re necessarily allowing them to sell the products for you, but they need to have an idea of the benefit of each of the products and the value that they bring to the customer. Why should the customer take advantage of the service contract especially if the customer is buying a vehicle with a five-year comprehensive coverage and a 10-year powertrain, or the customer is purchasing a Toyota and Toyota’s never break down? You will be amazed by increasing your product sales at what you can achieve when you take time to train your sales department.