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CBT Automotive Newscast for March 17, 2020

Today on – Tuesday, March 17th, 2020:

Taking Your Dealership’s Top Performers to the Next Level – Jonathan Dawson & Frank Crinite
On today’s show, we’re very pleased to welcome Jonathan Dawson, automotive sales trainer, author, and consultant. Jonathan has also appeared many times on the CBT Saturday Morning Sales Meetings to lend his insight and motivation. He is joined, via zoom, by Frank Crinite, the top sales representative for Piazza Honda in Springfield, Pennsylvania. Frank regularly sells 100 plus cars a month, and today he and Jonathan discuss the importance of setting new challenges for top sales performers.
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How Dealers Can Address the Effects of
As of March 13th, COVID-19 has shown up in 43 jurisdictions across the United States. More than 1,200 cases have been confirmed of the novel coronavirus and it has shown no signs of slowing yet. Worldwide, tests have confirmed COVID-19 in 113 countries, according to the CDC. The illness associated with the novel strain of coronavirus has induced travel restrictions and extreme reactions from organizations, governments, and individuals, often bordering on panic. Bathroom tissue, for example, has become a rare commodity. Read More

Ways to Convert on the Walkaround in the Service Drive
When a customer arrives for a service appointment, the check-in process is expected to be smooth, fast, and painless. Having already set an appointment, the vehicle owner feels like they’re prepared for the visit mentally – they’re aware what’s needed. At least, to the best of their knowledge. The service advisor’s role is to provide exceptional service for every customer on every visit. Starting with the customer’s arrival in the service drive, they play a pivotal part in an amazing customer experience while productively selling recommended services and repairs. Read More

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