Monday, July 4, 2022
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CBT automotive newscast: July 4, 2022

Inside Automotive: How to 'Stop Living On Autopilot' and take control of your future - Antonio Neves Antonio Neves, an award-winning journalist, renowned speaker, author, and...

CBT automotive newscast: July 1, 2022

Inside Automotive: NADA Update: President Mike Stanton on industry challenges, diversity efforts, and the 2023 NADA Show In every corner of the country, people are still...

CBT automotive newscast: June 30, 2022

Inside Automotive: What do Gen Z car buyers think about the retail process? - Brendan Dougherty | CDK Global CDK Global recently released findings from a...

CBT automotive newscast: June 29, 2022

Inside Automotive: Edmunds' Jessica Caldwell shares update on inventory shortages, interest rates, and high car prices Back in 2020, the automotive industry started experiencing supply chain...

CBT automotive newscast: June 28, 2022

Inside Automotive: How the auto industry can create more career paths for the LGBTQ+ community - Richard Herod III Welcome to another edition of Diversity in...

CBT automotive newscast: June 27, 2022

Inside Automotive: Is it better to be likeable or trustworthy in car sales? For most people, when they think about someone they can put their trust...

CBT automotive newscast: June 24, 2022

Inside Automotive: Industry vet Jim Ziegler discusses Jim Farley's plan to sell EVs online only Some dealers and dealer advocates are saying that the franchise model...

CBT automotive newscast: June 23, 2022

Inside Automotive: Dealer Matt Bowers on supply chain challenges, electrification, and Jim Farley Many auto retail professionals were expecting the semiconductor chip and vehicle shortages to...

CBT automotive newscast: June 22, 2022

Inside Automotive: Florida dealer Brett Morgan discusses his group's bullish acquisition strategy Despite inventory shortages and supply chain concerns, many car dealers are experiencing record profitability...

CBT automotive newscast: June 21, 2022

Inside Automotive: Bentley Atlanta GM Greg Mabry shares his journey through the auto retail industry The earnings potential drives many professionals to the auto retail industry,...