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oil change tires

Goodbye to the oil change

Tires are one of the major keys to customer retention. It has taken a decade or more, but most dealers now realize this is...

The best post-pandemic practices for your service department

According to CNBC, the auto industry is one of the most affected by the COVID pandemic. Now that it’s ending and we are learning...

How to save your customers time at the dealership without compromising...

In 2019, McKinsey said, "The automotive customer experience can often feel outdated and inferior, especially for younger customers, who seem to be losing interest...

The importance of attracting fleet customers to service and parts

The sales department at your dealership knows how valuable it is to have fleet customers. After all, how much more profit is achieved when...

4 simple tips to improve your dealership’s reconditioning process

How long does it take your dealership to recondition a used vehicle? If you are one of the top performers, the answer would be...
work environment

What does a healthy work environment look like for fixed ops?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there were 60 deaths among automotive technicians in 2019. With this information in hand, it’s more important than...

How will EVs affect your service department?

As dealers grapple with the impact that electric vehicles will have on their business, the one topic that is often glossed over is, what...
service advisors

4 ways to measure your service advisors’ success

You use valuable KPIs to track the success of your service department, but how is your service advisor stacking up? As the head over...

5 simple ways to improve customer retention and satisfaction

If your clients aren’t happy with your services, you won’t be able to keep up with the other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are...
hours per RO

4 innovative ways to grow your service department’s hours per RO

Among the top KPIs your service department should be evaluating, the hours per RO is one of the most important. After all, you don’t...