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Six ways to hold more productive dealership staff meetings

Have you ever received a notification for a staff meeting and dreaded the event? You knew the meeting would take you away from other...

Edmunds Trade-In Values Report & what it means for dealers

Edmunds recently released a report showing the latest average value for all used vehicles. During the month of March, it appears these numbers reached an...

Manage customers’ F&I time expectations with 3 simple strategies

One of the most delicate balancing acts in the sales process is dealing with the amount of time it takes to actually deliver the...

Making customer-pleasing changes to the F&I process

After spending an average of more than 14 hours researching vehicles online, the 2020 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey reveals that less than half...

Best practices for engaging today’s car shopper: In-person sales (Part 4)

When circumstances have forced society to limit personal interaction, small yet personal touches can make a huge difference in closing a sale. These interactions...

Rick DeSilva awarded Time Dealer of the Year

Rick DeSilva, owner of Liberty Subaru in Emerson, NJ, was announced as the 2021 Time Dealer of the Year. DeSilva was awarded the honor...

How to leverage seasonal service appointments to drive better business

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many Americans’ schedules and habits, and for vehicle owners, one of the main impacts has been a significant change...

Why automation is a crucial tool in today’s auto industry

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect personalized communication that speaks to their specific needs and grabs their attention. This expectation increases the number of...

How dealers can drive leads when inventory slows down

Dealerships across the nation have run low on cars to sell amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Motor vehicle and parts dealers’ sales dropped to a...

Text Your Way to Higher Customer Satisfaction

This morning, I dropped off my 145-pound Newfoundland, Tess, to be groomed. I scheduled and paid over the phone, and then I received reminders...