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Working With the Customer’s Time Constraints

On this week's episode of On the Mark, Mark Tewart explains what to do when a customer says they don't have much time and...

Four Automated Technologies that can Make Life Easier at Your Dealership

Did you ever wish you could clone yourself or someone on your team? It would give you an extra set of hands, as well...

Unleashing the Power of Webinar Marketing

According to, webinar history began at the end of 1980’s in the form of real-time text messaging apps. In 1995, PictureTel announced the...

Time Vampires

How you utilize your time can have a big impact on whether or not you succeed during the day. On this week's episode of...
one-line ROs

One-Line ROs

A few Fridays ago at the dealership I was visiting, we had a meeting and discussed some important metrics surrounding increasing sales. The topic...

Making the Most of Your Time

Right next to your employees, your most valuable resource as a manager is time. However many squander this asset. This usually happens when management...
successful people

7 Choices Highly Successful People Make Daily

Some consider success the luck of the draw, subject to fate and the constellation they were born under. However, the truth is that success...
sales staff

It’s Not About Volume: Make it happen with what you’ve got!

John, a seasoned F&I manager, asked the question: “When business slows down, how do I get through the lean periods?” The answer to that...
sales experience

Modernize your Dealership Sales Experience

A statement we often hear from companies that study the Automotive Industry is that we need to “Modernize the Dealership Sales Experience!”  Perhaps this...

Time & Efficiency in the F&I Office

Time and efficiency are important when it comes to the customer buying experience, but obviously, conducting the appropriate moves in every step of the...