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Stop Doing Calisthenics in the Showroom

As an industry, we’ve dedicated dollars, time and conferences to enhancing our online efforts in order to appeal to today’s shopper. Once we feel...
internet leads

Increase Sales With This One Tweak

“Your only job is to send me the traffic and we will take it from there.” Have you ever said this to a marketing...
positive customer experience

A Customer-Centric Approach to Customer Loyalty

We know the internet has changed us all. In fact, many professionals in the auto industry believe that vehicle consumers in the future –...
connecting with your customers

Connecting With Your Customers

Don't skip this in your Service Drive By John Fairchild When a customer enters the Service Drive, do you smile? Do you make eye contact? Do...
automotive customer service

WOWing With a Premium Experience on a Small Budget

Automotive Customer Service Goes a Long Way By Rian Locadia I am often asked how a small, family-owned operation with limited budgets can compete with the...
video marketing

Psychology Behind Video Marketing, Emotions and Sales

It’s All About Emotion By Gina Reuscher In today's world filled with massive amounts of information and intense competition for consumers' attention, finding a way to...
annual partnerships

Annual Partnerships for Dealerships

Relationships Bring Value Added Benefits By Russ Chandler Most, if not all dealerships have different providers that they work with to ensure things run smoothly. There...
LA Car Guy

LA Car Guy Goes and Sells Green

Mike Sullivan Sells Cars and Spreads the Word about the Environment By Mary Welch Mike Sullivan has always been environmentally aware — whether it is surfing, putting...
selling patterns

Falling into Selling Patterns Won’t Deliver Sales

CHALLENGE YOURSELF By Cory Mosley I doubt Janet Jackson was thinking about the car business when she wrote, “What Have You Done for Me Lately.” But...
Retail Automotive Trends

Current Retail Automotive Trends and Future Opportunities

Survey shows trends in financing, experience, technology and demographics By: Byan Ignozzi PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) recently conducted its 2016 International Automotive Lending & Leasing Survey. This survey...