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Using better marketing to attract better talent

Countless articles and news stories focus on the lack of workers for many businesses today. Some blame the economy, some blame government assistance, or...
Let's delve into the fascinating interplay of psychology and decision-making as we dissect the car buyer's journey

Decoding car buyer personas: Understanding emotional triggers and decision-making factors

Everyone likes to think they're logical. That their decisions, particularly those with substantial financial implications, like purchasing a car, are based purely on objective...
Unlike aggregated second or third-party data, first-party data stems straight from consumers’ direct engagement with your brand.

First-party data: a marketing goldmine for dealers

Macroeconomic and industry-specific challenges continue to impact how dealers do business. From inflationary pressures and rising interest rates to vehicle inventory challenges, fluctuating prices,...
Aaron Bickart joins Driving Solutions to discuss the crucial role leasing will play in boosting dealership revenues in the months to come.

The role of leasing in a normalizing car market — Aaron...

With signs of pre-pandemic norms returning to the market, car dealers are beginning to consider alternative strategies, such as leasing, to maintain their profit...
The PR toolkit boasts various strategies, encompassing media relations, press releases, social media engagement, and event sponsorships.

Public relations for dealerships: when silence isn’t golden

Public relations (PR) is a crucial yet often underestimated and unused tool for automotive dealerships. PR is an integral element of any dealership’s strategy,...
By prioritizing the customer experience, dealers can cultivate a community of brand advocates that generate repeat business and referrals.

Why customer experience is your dealership’s ultimate marketing tool

In the dim glow of a local dealership, Sarah drove off the lot with her brand-new sedan. Instead of feeling like just another sale,...
Dealers have grown more accustomed to digital retailing tools, with the number of stores offering a fully online experience rising to 40%.

Dealers warm up to digital retailing but obstacles persist

The adoption of digital retailing tools among dealers has expanded in 2023, with the percentage of storefronts offering a fully online car-buying experience increasing...
Let’s dive into why having your own advertising accounts is a good idea, and what could happen if you don’t.

The power and necessity of owning your advertising accounts

Marketing managers, general managers, and advertising or marketing agencies might not agree on this one: You should create your own ads account whenever you...
In this article, we'll explain how to use QR codes as part of your dealership's marketing plan, to better get messages out to more people.

4 ways to incorporate QR codes into your dealership marketing strategy

We are sure you've seen these little grids on posters or mail pieces. These are QR codes, and they are rather versatile and straightforward...
Jay Abraham joins Inside Automotive to teach dealership managers the strategies entrepreneurs use to affordably scale their businesses.

Entrepreneurial strategies to scale your dealership — Jay Abraham | The...

Dealership managers often struggle to scale their products or services in affordable way, especially when operating independently or in their first few years of...