Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Stop Doing Calisthenics in the Showroom

As an industry, we’ve dedicated dollars, time and conferences to enhancing our online efforts in order to appeal to today’s shopper. Once we feel our marketing initiatives are dialed in, we sit back and relax. Unfortunately, we’ve overused showroom muscles that are weakening dealership sales. We’ve continued to ignore the painstaking exercises that the customer […]
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Joe Webb
Joe Webb
Founder of DealerKnows Consulting As founder of the Internet sales and marketing training firm, Joe has been called "the funniest guy in the car business" and passionately consults nationwide, showing dealerships success by instilling proven Internet marketing practices. He writes for multiple publications and industry resource sites, and is a regular top-rated speaker at industry conferences. As a true "dealer guy" with a history of retail success, Joe is best known for blending the lines between entertainment and education. Visit his website at

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