Navigating auto sales during persistent inventory shortages — David Kain

Inventory shortages are impacting almost all auto retail professionals, especially salespeople. So, what can car dealers do about it? Today on Inside Automotive, we’re pleased to welcome back David Kain, the President and Owner of Kain Automotive and the host of the CBT original series Kain & Co.

As most auto retail professionals know, car dealerships face inventory challenges for both new and used vehicles. Kain first debunks the myth that customers are not open to other vehicle models if the one they want is not in stock. In fact, a recent study from FourEyes found that 85% of car buyers are switching to a new make or brand. 

With that in mind, Kain says car dealers and salespeople must be optimistic and provide a path forward for consumers in the car buying journey. Ask your customers: Would you be open-minded to looking at other vehicle models? This transitional phrasing allows the guests to follow you along on the journey.

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Salespeople have to use strategic verbiage with the guests. If a customer inquires about a vehicle you know is not in stock, let them know that you can still assist with their car buying process. If the guest persists, tell them you don’t have the vehicle at the moment, but share some alternative ideas with them.

“Fundamentally, a lot of dealerships have abandoned teaching their sales professionals how to really present the whole deal,” explains Kain.

For more great selling strategies, watch our interview with David Kain above.

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