Monday, May 16, 2022
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CBT automotive newscast: May 16, 2022

Inside Automotive: Kevin Frye on Jeff Wyler Automotive's first crypto car sale In late April, the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family sold its first car using cryptocurrency...

CBT automotive newscast: May 13, 2022

Inside Automotive: Is it time for a fixed ops refresh? Here are 3 areas to focus on - John Fairchild We’ve heard from a lot of...

CBT automotive newscast: May 12, 2022

Inside Automotive: Why Ford’s F-150 Lightning is the legitimate start of the EV race – Kevin Tynan | Bloomberg Intelligence First-quarter numbers are rolling in for...

CBT automotive newscast: May 11, 2022

Inside Automotive: Car Guy Coffee Podcast's Lou Ramirez & Fred Lennartz on their mission to uplift the auto industry If you are in the retail automotive...

CBT automotive newscast: May 10, 2022

Inside Automotive: How to help car buyers avoid information overload and make purchase decisions In today’s world of social media and unlimited access to information, car...

CBT automotive newscast: May 9, 2022

  Inside Automotive: GNYADA Pres. Mark Schienberg on electric cars, OEM direct sales, and the New York Auto Show Today on Inside Automotive, we’re pleased to welcome...

CBT automotive newscast: May 6, 2022

Inside Automotive: Adam Marburger shares valuable F&I tips and key ideas from his brand new book Do you get in your own way? It can be...

CBT automotive newscast: May 5, 2022

Inside Automotive: Florida dealer AJ Hiers on the future of the franchise dealership model Is the franchised dealer structure coming under attack? Today on Inside Automotive,...

CBT automotive newscast: May 4, 2022

Inside Automotive: Experience over price: How to boost brand and dealership loyalty - Bob Lanham | Meta According to a recent study from Meta, 80% of...

CBT automotive newscast: May 3, 2022

Inside Automotive: The best ways for car dealers to navigate tough market conditions - Sean Gardner | JVG Salespeople and managers are consistently looking to get...