Growing Through Your Digital Marketing Efforts

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On today's episode of Kain & Co., David Kain invites Jason Zoeller, Digital Marketing Manager with Bachman Auto Group in Louisville, Kentucky, to discuss Bachman's approach to digital marketing as well as what Jason finds exciting about BDC recruitment.

Getting on Your Customer’s Wavelength

On today's episode of Kain and Company, David shares some ideas he has to help you sell more cars by connecting with your customer by getting on the same wavelength they are on.

Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Sales

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David Kain goes over some ways that artificial intelligence can be implemented in on the dealership sales floor on this week's episode of Kain & Company.   Click here for more stories centered around artificial intelligence in the auto industry.

What Sets Your BDC Apart From the Competition?

On this week's episode of Kain & Co., David Kain talks to Emily Lindau of Johnson Motors & Ford in Wisconsin about what their BDC does that sets them apart from the competition and what millennials want from their employer.

Should I email or call first?

On today’s episode of Kain and Co., David Kain answers questions sent in by viewers, including: "How important is response time?" "Should I email or call first?" and "What kind of video works best?"   Tune in to find out David’s answers. Feel free to send...

Opening the Call: What to say to make a good first impression

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"The better you are prepared before reaching out to your customer, the better the conversation will be." Opening the call is much like your first impression or the subject line of an email; you must give the customer a reason to buy in. David offers...

Accountability Between Your Dealership Team and Management

On this week's episode of Kain & Co., David invites his daughter Jessica on to discuss a presentation she gave recently on the right and wrong ways to handle accountability at your dealership.  

The Activity Habit

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  On today's episode of Kain & Company, David Kain goes over what he calls the "Activity Habit," creating a sound foundation for your sales team to base their work upon every day.  

How to Overcome Common Challenges in the BDC

Jessica Kain joins David to talk about where dealers are struggling when it comes to their BDC.  Watch today's show to find out how dealers are getting out of "survival mode."

Benefitting From Digital Retail

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On today's episode of Kain & Co., David Kain invites Todd Caputo, Dealer Principal with Sun Auto Group in upstate New York, to discuss how his used-car dealership is benefitting from digital retail.

Crisis Management in a Social Media World

Before social media, if you made a mistake your customer could have told a few friends about it. Nowadays, everyone has a much bigger...

Tips on How to Give a Perfect First Impression

On today's episode of Progressive Retail, Cory Mosley discusses the top challenges with initial lead response and gives tips on how to give a...

Text-Based Leads

On this week's episode of Progressive Retail, Cory Mosley discusses how to implement a successful text-based lead generation customer engagement strategy.

Five HR Tools to Find the Best Talent and Streamline the Onboarding Experience

It’s hard to find good people these days. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately three million employees have left...
augmented reality

VR, AR and MR in the Workplace: A Thing of the Present (Not Just...

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are quickly becoming mainstream technologies in our world. While we have become accustomed to...

Why Diversifying Your Dealership Is More Important Than Ever – Brian Finkelmeyer

Brian Finkelmeyer, Senior Director at vAuto, joins Jim Fitzpatrick in the CBT Automotive studios to further the discussion concerning the future of the automotive industry, the importance...
staff meetings

Are You Operating your Staff Meetings In A Way That Actually Helps?

Let’s be honest: no one likes meetings. Generally, we find meetings to be unproductive wastes of time, which we put up with because they’re...
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“Supply and Demand Challenges Suggest A Decline in Vehicle Sales Moving Forward” – Jonathan...

The SAAR is once again at around 17 million, however, Trumps's tariff and the sudden hike in interest rates may have a negative impact...