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Hosted by David Kain, Kain & Co. focuses on efficiency and effectiveness in your dealership’s BDC and internet sales departments. David is President and Founder of Kain Automotive. Having been is automotive his entire life, it was only natural for him to move on to training and consulting others. Kain is seen as an industry authority in many regards.

How to Compensate Your Team

compensation plansvideo
On this week's episode of Kain & Company, David talks about compensation plans and how to pay your team members fairly.

Co-Navigating With Your Customers

On this week's episode of Kain & Company, David talks about how co-navigating can help build trust and clarity with your customers.

Should I Email or Call First?

On today’s episode of Kain and Co., David Kain answers questions sent in by viewers, including: "How important is response time?" "Should I email or call first?" and "What kind of video works best?" Tune in to find out David’s answers. Feel free to send...

Self-Driven Mystery Shopping

mystery shoppingvideo
On this week's episode of Kain & Co., David goes over self-driven mystery shopping and how it can help you and your team stay up to date on what's currently going on in the industry so that your sales team can sell more cars.

What’s the Real Secret to Success?

Secret to Successvideo
"The speed of the boss is the speed of the team." On today's episode of Kain & Co., David goes over this quote and other reasons why the sales manager is the real secret to sales success.

How to Prepare for First Email Engagement

email engagementvideo
When you email customers, it's important to grab their attention right away. This could be the difference between selling a car and losing a potential buyer to the competition. On this week's episode of Kain and Company, David gives a few examples of things...

Building Transparency with the Customer

On this week's Kain & Co., David goes over some phrases to use in your sales pitch that improve your transparency and allow the customer to better relate to you.

Getting on Your Customer’s Wavelength

On today's episode of Kain and Company, David shares some ideas he has to help you sell more cars by connecting with your customer by getting on the same wavelength they are on.

Technology, Transparency, and the A-Z Sales Process

On this week's episode of Kain & Co., David invites Glen Tuscan of Dealer Commitment Service, Inc. to talk about trust and transparency, technology, and the A-Z selling process.

Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Sales

artificial intelligencevideo
David Kain goes over some ways that artificial intelligence can be implemented in on the dealership sales floor on this week's episode of Kain & Company.   Click here for more stories centered around artificial intelligence in the auto industry.

The Digital Marketing Bullseye

On this week's episode of Kain & Company, David Kain discusses the "Digital Marketing Bullseye," outlining the must-do's, should-do's, and could-do's of digital marketing.  

The Digital Success Guide

On this week's episode of Kain & Co., David Kain talks about one of the tools that he's been iterating at his clients' dealerships...

Live Chat vs. Digital Chat

On today's episode of Kain & Company, David Kain discusses the differences between communicating through digital chat and communicating in person through live chat.
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