Treat your career as your own dealership

On today’s Saturday Morning Sales Meeting, David Lewis, President of David Lewis & Associates, discusses the advantageous position of having the benefits of dealership ownership without the cost and headaches that go along with it.


David Lewis:
Hello everyone, this is David Lewis with your Saturday Morning Sales Meeting. If you’re working as a commissioned car salesperson today, and hoping someday to go into business for yourself, or would like to someday own your own dealership, well, I have some fantastic news for you. You already own your own dealership. You own it without having the headaches that often go with traditional dealership ownership.

David Lewis:
The fact is, you’re actually in a business partnership with the dealer that offers you the benefits of business ownership without having to cover any of the costs and headaches that go with owning the dealership. You have a complete facility provided to you, free of charge, for selling and servicing the products you sell, all paid for by the dealer. In many cases, to the tunes of tens of millions of dollars. The dealer provides all the inventory, handles all the bookkeeping, payroll, office staff, utilities and insurance. All taxes and fees are paid by the dealer, as well as the advertising and a website to promote your business, all covered by the dealer at no cost to you.

David Lewis:
Most people who start their own business, wait at least three years before they start making any real profits, even if they manage to stay in business at all. The average return on ownership is around 3.5%, and you make upwards of 25% of the gross profit on all revenues without any investments, any risks, payroll, business taxes, or the expense of hiring and training employees. And should you lose money on a car deal, well, guess what? You still get a commission. If you owned your own business, you would have to eat that loss.

David Lewis:
If you’ve ever considered selling cars as owning your own business, the next time you step out onto your lot and view your inventory, your facility, the added support staff, or just pick up your paycheck on your way home to a evening with your family, you might want to think of these things and look to the heavens and count your lucky stars. So treat your career as your own dealership, without all the worries and troubles that come with ownership. And if you do, guess what? You’ll be very, very successful. Good luck, everyone.

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