The importance of choosing growth over comfort

On today’s Saturday Morning Sales Meeting, Matt Easton, sales trainer, consultant, and Founder of Easton University, discusses why professional growth and comfort can’t exist side-by-side.


Matt Easton: You’re watching CBT News and this is your Saturday Morning Sales Meeting. What’s up? Great to see you. I’m Matt Easton, founder of Easton University. Here’s what I want us to do this morning. We want to talk about mindset. I want you to think about your heroes. I want you to think about somebody that you would aspire to be.

Maybe it’s a famous person, maybe it’s an athlete, maybe it’s Elon Musk. Whoever it is, I want you to have that name. Who could I be? And I want you to think about that person’s level of comfort. Here’s why. What you need to realize is growth and comfort cannot coexist. It is not possible for you to grow, for you to get better and still be comfortable.

Why am I telling you this on this Saturday? Why am I telling you right now that you can’t grow, you can’t get better, you can’t improve your life and your income and still be comfortable? I’m telling you that because you’re going to have some moments today, you’re going to have some opportunities to step out of your comfort zone, to approach somebody you may have not approached, to try something a little bit differently, to try something new.

And I’m hoping a little Matt Easton will pop up on your shoulder and tell you to do that. If you keep doing the same thing that you’ve been doing, you’re going to get the same results. Try something new, have a better attitude, be more excited. Do what makes you uncomfortable because if you keep doing the same old things that you did the day before, the week before, last Saturday, last month, your career is not going to progress.

If you can just try one or two things new today, I promise you it will pay dividends. I’m Matt Easton, founder of Easton University. Let’s have a great Saturday.

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