Saturday Morning Sales Meeting

Looking to motivate your car sales team this weekend? CBT Automotive News has a fully stocked resource of training and motivational videos to help your dealership team sell cars. Our trainers are the best in the business! The Saturday Morning Sales Meeting features weekly sales motivation from David Lewis, Paul Cummings, Tom Stuker, Becky Chernek, David Kain, Becky Nixon, Brian Pasch, Mark Tewart and many more. Be sure to tune-in every Saturday for CBT Automotive Network's Saturday Morning Sales Meeting.

Selling Your Personality

Saturday Morning Sales Meetingvideo
 Focusing on being unique and different from what the customer expects from a salesperson is very beneficial. On today's Saturday Morning Sales Meeting, David Lewis explains how important it is to sell your personality before you sell the car to…

Be a Problem Solver

problem solvervideo
   Don't think about selling something. Don't think about results. Don't think about closing. Every customer comes into your dealership with either a "wants" problem or a "needs" problem. Mark Tewart just wants you to be one thing: a…

Don’t Be Like Everyone Else On The Demo Drive

demo drivevideo
The demo drive is where the customer falls in love with the vehicle. Don't be like everyone else. Let the customer decide where they want to drive. Hear what David Lewis has to say on today's Saturday Morning Sales Meeting.

Customer-Centric Selling

Today's industry is all about customer centric selling. On today's Saturday Morning Sales Meeting, Mark Tewart discusses how to have your best Saturday ever by focusing on the customer and not yourself.

Be a Champion this Saturday

 What did you think about when you woke up this morning? Did you want to climb back into bed or did you wake up wanting to make today the best day possible? David Lewis says that with a positive…

A House Divided Will Not Stand

"A house divided will not stand." Make sure your heart and mind are in the same place when you come in today. Jonathan Dawson wants you to be fully invested in today on Saturday Morning Sales Meeting.

How to Deal With a Best Price Shopper

David Lewisvideo
 Most car buyers come into the dealership with the fear that they will be pressured into buying something that's not really what they want. On today's Saturday Morning Sales Meeting, David Lewis talks about dealing with defensive shoppers.  …

Become Your Own “One-A-Day Vitamin”

Saturday morning sales meetingvideo
Become your own "One-A-Day Vitamin" by finding the things that move you forward every day on this week's Saturday Morning Sales Meeting with Mark Tewart.

The Secret to Being Successful in the Car Business

On this episode of Saturday Morning Sales Meeting, Jonathan recommends if you want to be successful in the car business, you have to leave the car business mentality behind.

Don’t Let Obstacles Get in Your Way

Saturday Morning Sales Meetingvideo
Let's assume customers come into the dealership with a different agenda than you. They think all you want to do is sell them a car for the most money possible, so they're going to throw obstacles at you such as…

Confirming and Destroying Stereotypes

Every customer has a stereotype about the car-buying experience. It's on you to confirm or destroy that stereotype. Saturday Morning Sales Meeting with Jonathan Dawson.

Eliminating Your Customers’ Fears

 On this episode of the Saturday Morning Sales Meeting, David Lewis of David Lewis and Associates talks about understanding and eliminating your customers' fears in order to help you earn the sale on today's Saturday Morning Sales Meeting. Did…

Staying Successful in the Showroom During COVID-19

On this week's episode of the Saturday Morning Sales Meeting, David Lewis talks about selling cars during the COVID-19 pandemic and some of the measures you can take to make customers feel comfortable in the showroom.

Auto ventures capitalize on stock market strength to push through acquisitions and IPOs

Welcome to another edition of The Friday 5 with Steve Greenfield, Founder and CEO of Automotive Ventures, an auto technology advisory firm that helps entrepreneurs raise money and maximize the value of their companies. In this episode, Greenfield takes a…
Bernie Morenovideo

Bernie Moreno returns to auto retail with new digital technology

While the COVID-19 pandemic has created many obstacles for auto dealers, some have found ways to create opportunities in the midst of adversity. After taking a step back from the auto industry, Bernie Moreno, president of Bernie Moreno Companies, and…

Why automation is a crucial tool in today’s auto industry

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect personalized communication that speaks to their specific needs and grabs their attention. This expectation increases the number of meaningful touches needed between a customer and a sales representative. With a smaller team, how can…

Wholesale prices begin to normalize on usual inventory levels

Dealers may start to notice the wholesale prices at auction slip back into more familiar territory. According to Manheim’s Used Vehicle Value Index mid-month report for September, wholesale used vehicle prices have decreased by 0.9% in the first two weeks…

Ford set to begin production of the all-electric F-150

The concept of an all-electric Ford F-150 has been anticipated for a while, and the automaker is taking the first steps to move from a concept to production. In a press release, Ford confirmed plans to begin construction of the…