The number one thing stopping your success and how to overcome it

On this week’s Saturday Morning Sales Meeting, David Lewis, President of David Lewis & Associates, talks about the biggest success stopper in the car dealership and how to overcome it.


David Lewis:
Hello everyone, this is David Lewis with your Saturday Morning Sales Meeting. Success is a word, that means different things to different people, depending on their goals or their view of life. I rarely start a topic with such a negative title. But in order to understand success, it’s important to recognize that it does not happen to everyone. Some people do ultimately experience failure in their life and their career. So, what stops success is the question today, and my answer is really quite simple. A lack of passion. Since success is realized to those who have a passion to pursue it. Those who do not have a driving passion to achieve will rarely find success. It is the passion that a person has, that determines the level of success they will achieve. Not everyone’s idea of success is the same. One person’s desire to achieve may be totally different from another’s in scope and size.

David Lewis:
For example, not everyone who sells cars, use success as selling 12 cars a month. But for some, they’re perfectly happy, if they can reach that goal every month. Another may set the bar at 20, and not consider themselves successful until they reach that goal they want to achieve. Only you can determine what success means to you, and as you achieve it, your goals will change and grow as well. But whether you achieve it or not will be based on the passion you have to reach your goal. Passion is a strong emotion, and those who love what they do, are driven to succeed, will usually accomplish their goal. This happens because they pour themselves into being the best at what they do. They invest in learning all they can about their product and their process, and are driven to change and grow in order to reach the goals they’re trying to achieve.

David Lewis:
Just consider a professional athlete who trains for years. And then when they reach the pros, they keep training. They’re not satisfied with just reaching the pros, now they want to be the best pro they can be. And when they’re the best, they still continue to train, because they want to remain the best. Those who do this, will usually rise to the top in their field. And if you do this, you too can be one of those who experience great success. Never forget that you are the one who’s in control of your destiny, nobody else. And why would you ever want someone else to be in control of your success. Who knows? Maybe they don’t want you to succeed. Keep that in mind. Good luck everyone, and please be safe.

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