Testing Lookalike Audiences on Facebook

lookalike audiences

Want more customers like the ones you have? Brian has a great suggestion using your DMS and Facebook for capturing lookalike audiences.


Hi, this is Brian Pasch and here’s your CBT News Tip of the Day. There isn’t a dealer watching today’s show that doesn’t want more customers, just like the ones that they have. And well, there’s a way to do that. Take the data from you DMS: the first name, last name, phone number, and email address, and match them up with Facebook and Google.

You can create custom audiences to market to your existing customers, but more importantly, I’m encouraging you to test Lookalike Audiences. Let Facebook analyze your existing customers and find more people who look just like them in your local market. When you advertise through Lookalike Audiences, well, you can expose your brand to more people who are likely to buy your cars online.

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