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At the 2023 Digital Dealer conference, Venus Toro, CEO of Wyn Solutions discusses how dealers utilize their 'win-win-solution' platform.

How this company delivers a win-win solution for dealers –...

As the automotive industry faces high interest rates, a weakening economy, union labor strikes, and unwavering uncertainty, Columbian-based Wyn Solutions is committed to providing...
used car

Tips and tricks to make your used car dealership standout online

The pandemic years changed the landscape of many markets, especially the used car marketplace. According to an eLEND survey, “Almost 80% of auto dealers...

5 tips to improve your search results page (SRP) design

One of the most popular locations for potential car buyers to find you are on the device you’re likely viewing this article from, whether...
lead nurturing, lead generation

What makes lead nurturing different from lead generation?

As easy as it is to lump the lead process into a single bucket, several steps are involved, with lead generation as the starting...
VIN Specific

10 questions to debunk “VIN Specific” vendors

“VIN-specific” marketing has become an increasingly popular and overused term. Countless companies are saying they have amazing VIN-level marketing platforms. But, the ugly truth...

Where does the used car market stand?

There is no doubt the auto industry as a whole has been drastically shaken up since the beginning of the pandemic, and this includes...

What Lexus and Marvel can teach us about dealership advertising

Digital and dealership advertising are crucial topics for auto professionals to understand. Mia Phillips is the Senior Manager of Advertising and Media at Lexus....

How car dealers can honor and celebrate veterans

Friday, November 11, is Veteran's Day, where we honor members of all military branches for their service as the country’s protectors. Across the nation,...

Automotive marketing tips to reach every generation of car buyer

How do you market to Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z while running a single dealership? You wouldn’t be far from the truth...

Advertising your dealership to attract new hires – Glenn Pasch |...

On this episode of Inside Automotive, Jim Fitzpatrick speaks to Glenn Pasch, CEO of PCG Digital and automotive marketing expert. They discuss topics like...