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Reputation is everything when it comes to having a dealership. The internet is used frequently throughout the buying process. Your customers will likely go online to read reviews about the type of car they want and the overall dealership experience. 

When it comes to a dealership’s online reputation, several bad reviews can cause your business to go downhill. Almost all car dealerships use online reviews. In 2021, according to a recent research study published by, there was an 80% surge in reviewers. 

Boosting a dealership’s online reputation from a liability to an asset does take time. First, come up with a plan. You will need to grow your audience for your dealership’s reputation to soar! However, as you grow your reputation and audience, keep in mind these three things, communication, customer service skills, and personality.

reviewsActive and constant communication

Who doesn’t love a company that communicates thoroughly? Now, where raw materials are limited and more expensive, many dealerships are experiencing long waiting times, and customers must be more patient. To improve your online reputation, it does not hurt to communicate online through social media and Google reviews.  

Many delays are happening now, especially in the auto industry. These delays do not have to tarnish your company’s reputation, in any case. Many customers understand that delays happen, especially ones out of your control. However, communicating these delays will build trust and positive relationships.

It is advantageous to communicate one-on-one as well. Respond to questions and comments on social media. According to Facebook data, Facebook Ads resulted in 19% organic search references. If you have the resources, hire a social media expert or specialist to take care of reviews, customer questions, and inquiries. 

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Customer service skills

Customer service skills and communication tie in together nicely. Communicating appropriately between customers while also providing strong customer service skills is vital. Always be mindful of how you answer questions as well as reviews online. One poor response and you can receive backlash, turning the asset into a liability.

Customer service skills should extend to text messages. According to Entrepreneur, businesses that utilize text messaging in their online reputation see more sales.


The personality of your company or dealership should be evident from the posts and the messages behind your company. Think about leaders in social media and the online reputations they have. Choose a personality style and follow through with it by carefully choosing the tone behind your words. Hiring a copywriter or SEO specialist for this technique does not hurt. 

Overall, your dealership’s reputation has a digital footprint that should be prioritized. Customers are more likely to return to dealerships or choose them from online searches when a dealership has an online reputation built on clear communication, strong customer service skills, and a unique personality. Using online resources like social media and review sites like Yelp and Google can turn your company’s online reputation into an asset.

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