The best ways your employees can develop their communication skills

Let the guest know you're paying attention to their needs.

On the latest episode of Kain and Co., host David Kain, president of Kain Automotive, talks about employee development and communication skills.

Often times when you walk into a dealership, your communication skills are centered around that one-to-one in-person focus. Building trust with the customer is essential. Kain says, when you are a communicator, you have to be able to carry that forward.

professionalDress like a professional. Be attentive and create body language that’s leaning towards the customer. Kain says you want to be polite and caring. Be an active listener. Let the guest know you’re paying attention to their needs. Kain says to ask, what’s got you in the market? 72% of people had a life-changing event that causes them to get into the car business.

When you finally get a guest on the phone, take the time to build trust with the customer. Those who use an outline for the call set appointments at twice the rate of those that don’t. Kain says no matter how effective you are, sometimes a customer can throw you off. The right words and communication skills make a big difference.

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Be sure to use messaging and prepare to have a good dialogue with the guest. When you combine the phone call, text message, and email, it allows you to co-navigate with the guest. Don’t overlook using email. It helps you give more details to the customers. Video also makes a huge difference. Consider how important is to communicate effectively says Kain. You have to communicate over the long term as well.

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