How to conquer ‘comfort zone syndrome’ on your journey to success

On today’s Saturday Morning Sales Meeting, David Lewis, President of David Lewis & Associates, discusses one of the biggest challenges facing car dealerships, getting out of the comfort zone.


David Lewis:
Hello everyone, this is David Lewis with your Saturday Morning Sales Meeting. In my book, Common Mistakes Automobile Salespeople Make, I write about one of the most dangerous things you have to face on your journey to success in this business, and that is the Comfort Zone Syndrome. This is a problem that everyone faces at some time or another, regardless of how much they’ve already achieved. You see true success is a consistent process of growth and change. And no matter where you are today, your goal should always be to reach higher and find the next plateau that will help you realize and achieve what you want in this life. Regardless of where you are in the process of reaching your goals, you must be aware that the Comfort Zone Syndrome is always there lurking, trying to get you to settle for the status quo and to stop pressing for higher ground.

You may be someone who reaches the top of your sales board every month, but you too can be susceptible to the Comfort Zone Syndrome that tells you, you’ve done enough and tries to convince you to accept where you are at the ceiling of your potential. On the other hand, you might be new to this business and are beginning to settle into the average production of selling 8, 10, 12 cars per month, when you have the true potential to sell 15, 20, or even 25 cars per month. Only you can immunize yourself from the Comfort Zone Syndrome. Consistency is the key. Set your goals high and approach them as something you must work towards every day, if you want to achieve true success. Take care of yourself and take the necessary breaks for fun and relaxation you need for your family life, and to keep you energized, to move forward to the next step in your goals.

When that is done, get back to the matter at hand and set the next mark you want to achieve and the success you want for your life and career. The Comfort Zone Syndrome happens to all of us at one time or another, but you can fight it off. How do you do that? By believing in yourself, your goals and your dreams. Don’t ever quit. They say that most people quit right before reaching the pot of gold. They just give up thinking it was never meant to be for them.

Most of you know how to sell a car, but do you understand the importance of building a great book of business? A book of clients that will reward you on a regular basis for being there for them when they need you most. There are salespeople out there that sell 20, 30, and even 40 cars per month, that earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year selling cars, and so can you. But first you have to fight off the Comfort Zone Syndrome. And again, do not misunderstand me. I’m not telling you, you have to work a hundred hours per week. I’m just telling you that when you’re at work, then work. Study, practice, role play, and then be the best salesperson you can be. Good luck everyone.

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