Welcome to the first edition of Mind Your Own Business with Jonathan Dawson, automotive training expert and the founder of Sellchology, an automotive sales tool used to help dealers sell more vehicles through the method of psychology. This CBT News series will focus on simple strategies that can be placed in a dealership to change culture, processes, and or people to help increase dealership sales. Dawson believes dealers can improve their sales by examining and learning about the heart and mind of the customer.

In this episode, Dawson introduces 12 key areas that dealers can focus on to see dramatic changes. These areas of opportunity stand alone and can be implemented in any dealership in any order. Collectively, these areas can build on each other to maximize the effectiveness of the dealership.

Dawson jumps right into the list, starting with culture. From there, he moves to a dealership’s plan and strategy. Next, he covers the focus on the team and if dealers are surrounding themselves with the right people. He then covers processes and how they are communicated. His next few topics include merchandising, perception, facility, pricing, marketing, pay plans, and resources. He concludes his list by covering the importance of personal development. 

After breaking down the first six areas on his list, Dawson says that dealers should identify their areas of weakness and find ways to make changes to improve over time. In the next episode of Mind Your Business, Dawson will dive into the second half of his list, giving dealers assistance in the areas of marketing, pricing, personal development, and more.

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