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How a telephone system can increase your CSI score

In automotive, we rely on the CSI score to give us feedback – and the telephone experience is a high priority on that survey

Customer Experience (CX) is created every time a customer engages with your dealership from car shopping research to ongoing service and repair work. It’s not a surprise, therefore, that CX has a measurable impact on profitability, churn and market share. In automotive, we rely on CSI scores to give us that feedback – and the telephone experience is a high priority on that survey.

Where does a good phone system fit in?  By being easy to use, straightforward for customers, and by providing managers with complete transparency about the customer’s experience, a phone system impacts those important customer engagements which define your brand.

TotalCX’s all-in-one hosted phone system

An effective telephone system like TotalCX is more than handsets and call tracking. It offers a complete customer experience management platform uniquely designed to enhance how car dealerships understand and engage with customers. Rather than focusing on the traditional sales funnel, TotalCX helps dealership managers shift the perspective and view the business through the eyes of the customer with these five elements: Awareness, Research, Decision, Support and Loyalty.  

1. Awareness: A comprehensive telephone system helps you understand how potential customers discover your dealership. A key factor is the ability to track every call, not just those that are programmed with a tracking number. With its ability to track every call and SMS into the dealership, TotalCX analyzes the effectiveness of your marketing tools, providing insights to attract more prospects effectively.

2. Research: As car shoppers explore their options, effective systems track interactions – every call, text, and chat – helping you tailor your communication to meet their specific interests, whether it’s a family SUV or a sports car. Outgoing calls, when your sales reps return calls from customers, are equally important to track.

3. Decision: When a customer is ready to purchase, comprehensive telephone systems offer a deep understanding of their needs and preferences, enabling your sales team to provide personalized and compelling proposals. For example the Live Call Alert on the TotalCX system enables dealership managers to assist sales team members in their dialogues in real time by either coaching them or joining the calls.

4. Support: After the vehicle is purchased, phone systems can continue to offer value by analyzing customer communication about service experiences, helping you refine your post-sale support and service offerings. The TotalCX capability to track every call in and out of your Service Drive will empower your Service and BDC managers to accurately coach and train employees.

5. Loyalty: By continuously monitoring and enhancing your customers’ communication experience, you encourage repeat service business and referrals. Complete phone systems like TotalCX assist in transforming satisfied car shoppers into loyal advocates.

With a comprehensive phone system, your dealership goes beyond selling vehicles; it enables your team to build lasting relationships. By understanding and nurturing each stage of the customer’s journey, from initial awareness to loyalty, TotalCX helps you meet and exceed customer expectations, driving both immediate sales and long-term loyalty.

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Gary Graves
Gary Graves
Gary co-founded InteractiveTel, now TotalCX, in 2008 and presently serves as CEO. Previously, he served as the company’s first Chief Technology Officer. He developed the communications platform on which the company’s proprietary products are based and has been instrumental in the company’s dynamic growth trajectory. An innovator to the core, Gary continues to educate himself on the current state of technology in computer science and engineering. He enjoys unplugging as often as he can by taking road and camping trips across the United States with his family.

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