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NADA President Mike Stanton discusses new guiding principles for auto retail

In response to today's shifting retail market in the franchise system, the NADA released guiding principles on "Evolving Business Models." Today on Inside Automotive,...
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6 tips to help you become an outstanding car salesperson

Learning to become a successful car salesperson can seem like a daunting task. But in reality, keeping a few essential tips in mind will...

The value lifelong customers bring to your car dealership

Building a loyal base of customers is one of the most challenging endeavors for any automotive retail store. Research shows that a commitment to building...

How to improve online reviews for your car dealership

Competing in the digital age can feel like an insurmountable challenge for car dealerships that don’t have a solid plan for boosting reviews.  The last...
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Selling Cars Online: How and why dealers should be doing it

It's no mystery the internet has drastically changed the landscape of researching, buying, and selling automobiles.  Despite the continual march toward seemingly everything being online,...

5 tips to amplify your car dealership’s audience in a competitive...

Expanding your dealership audience is no easy task in today's ultra-competitive marketplace. In addition to traditional competition among established brands in dense metropolitan areas,...

How to sell the latest in-vehicle technology to car buyers

Modern vehicles are loaded with advanced technology designed to provide enhanced safety, performance, and entertainment options for new car buyers.  According to Kelley Blue Book,...

CEO Mike Manley on AutoNation’s stunning Q4 earnings results

Yesterday, AutoNation, Inc. (NYSE: AN) released the results of its most profitable quarter in its history. Revenues came out to $6.6 billion, an increase...
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How to be a well-liked car sales professional

Whether it’s posting a selfie on your social media or seeking approval from your sales manager for a job well done, every facet of...
Roger Love

The biggest enemy you will face in auto sales

For years, car dealership employees believed and were taught that customers were the 'enemy.' On the latest edition of Straight to the Point, host Frank J....