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Tesla opens up first group of Superchargers to non-Tesla owners

Tesla has opened up the first batch of its Superchargers to non-Tesla EVs as part of its fast-charging networking plan. Tesla is utilizing a...
Car dealers leveraging social media to sell cars

7 ways car dealers can master social media

95% of vehicle buyers use digital channels as a source of information, according to Google. Social media platforms are likely included in these channels...

DSMA CEO Farid Ahmad shares his insights on dealership mergers and...

The pace of dealership buy/sell transactions has picked up speed since COVID, making it difficult for store owners to keep their fingers on the...

How relations between OEMs and dealers are changing in 2023

The relationship between dealers and OEMs is one of the industry's most discussed topics. While spats between manufacturing and retail are nothing new, the...
employee retention

Now is the time to pay more attention to retention

2023 is underway and dealerships are busy crunching the numbers. While normal key performance indicators are under scrutiny, it is more important than ever...

Rivian and Lucid direct sales model legal in Illinois, judge rules

An Illinois judge has dismissed a dealership-backed lawsuit targeting the state's allowance of the direct sales model. The Illinois Automobile Dealers Association was set to...

Taking on Tesla: How other automakers are competing in the EV...

For over a decade, Tesla has become synonymous with the EV market. Its early entrance into EV manufacturing, innovation, and direct-to-consumer model disrupted the...

NADA President Mike Stanton discusses new guiding principles for auto retail

In response to today's shifting retail market in the franchise system, the NADA released guiding principles on "Evolving Business Models." Today on Inside Automotive,...
car salesperson vehicle

6 tips to help you become an outstanding car salesperson

Learning to become a successful car salesperson can seem like a daunting task. But in reality, keeping a few essential tips in mind will...

The value lifelong customers bring to your car dealership

Building a loyal base of customers is one of the most challenging endeavors for any automotive retail store. Research shows that a commitment to building...