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How to build a happy, healthy culture in the dealership – Robyn L. Garrett

Culture is the single aspect of an organization that impacts everything from performance to how your company is perceived. In the latest episode of Inside Automotive, we’re joined by Robyn L. Garrett, CEO of Beamably, Speaker, and Author, to discuss her newest book, Happy at Work: How to Create a Happy, Engaging Workplace for Today’s (and Tomorrow’s!) Workforce, which gives readers strategies to create a happy work environment. 

In recent years, culture has been a hot topic for many businesses because they want to appear fun and attract talent. However, some of these companies have not addressed their underlying cultural issues and have only focused on creating a good facade.

Key Takeaways

1. According to Garrett, businesses need three things to have a happy, healthy culture. These fundamentals include feeling safe, respected, and valued. So, Garrett’s book contains 100 separate tips to help big and small corporations, executives, and everything in between excel in their business. 

2. Many firms use “culture” as a buzzword, but they fail to live up to their claims. For instance, they may call themselves family-oriented but still assign an excessive workload to their salespeople, which leads to overworking and stress. 

3. Garrett argues that learning prioritization is a critical fundamental that will save firms hundreds. Many corporations poorly allocate time and resources to things that don’t typically generate any revenue. For instance, you have staff that are investing in systems and procedures that are old and outdated because it’s their responsibility. But that takes them away from spending more time on the stuff that will generate revenue. 

4. The book aims to help both employees and leaders understand what they can do to improve their organization, primarily since it was written with people in mind. 

5. For those looking to make a difference, start with the basics: the workload and compensation. Garrett believes those are two key areas that will have devastating consequences if not done right. 

"Everyone has the ability to make a difference in their culture." – Robyn L. Garrett. 

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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