Don’t Let Fear and Worry Take The Driver’s Seat


Fear and worry are two ways you can get yourself into situations that will not support your dealership. In today’s Tip of The Day, Mark Tewart shares a tick that can help you invest your energy in a way that produces positive outcomes and moves you closer to what you have set out to achieve.

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Hi, I’m Mark Tewart with the Tip of the Day on CBT News. I want to talk to you today about fear and worry. Fear is expected future pain. Worry is stewing, not doing. Worry is paying interest on a debt not yet due. Those things will not support you. What is your abundant thought? In other words, what are you focused on more? And it should not be worry and about fear.

We know that 90% of what you fear and worry about will never come close to passing so why give energy, why give power, why give dominion to something that will not support you? The trick is when you feel and recognize that you’re in worry and fear, shift your state.

Move towards a predetermined thought. Shift towards a predetermined emotion, a feeling that will put you more towards the positive of reaching out towards abundance rather than sitting back in fear and worry. Do not let fear and worry have dominion over your life. I’m Mark Tewart with the Sales Tip of the Day on CBT News.

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