What to Say When Customers Say, “We Just Want to Walk Around by Ourselves”

walk around

On today’s Tip of the Day, David Lewis of David Lewis & Associates shows you how to lower your customers’ defensive posture and improve the customer experience. David also tells you what to say when the customer says, “We just want to walk around by ourselves.”


I’m going to give you right now some great verbiage to lower that defensive posture, where that customer will now let you spend time with them. So the customer states, “Is it okay if we walk around by ourselves?” Your response is going to be, “Of course you can. I’m assuming you’ve just started the shopping process. Can I also assume that means you don’t have to buy a car today?” Of which everyone’s going to say “No not today” and you’re going to say “Great, that takes all the pressure off me as a salesperson. I’ll tell you what, I’d love to spend some time with you, show you all the different cars we have. How about we do this, let’s just make today’s visit an informational gathering event where you can look at some cars. If you see a couple that you like, let me know, I’ll get some keys and you can sit inside of them and then before you leave, I’d be happy to give you brochures and pricing for you to take home to think about and consider. So, were you leaning today more towards a new or used car?”

And guess what, they’re going to answer that question and you’re going to get them right into your sales process because what you did was you lowered their defensive posture. You removed their fear of having to buy a car today and that made it easy for them. Now, it’s very important that I state this. So you’ve done a great job, now you’ve spent an hour and a half with them, you’ve made a great presentation, they found a car they love, they drove the car, you’ve been through the whole process. At the end, are you still going to ask this customer to buy the car today? Well we all know the answer is of course you are. Let’s not get our goals misunderstood. The goal initially was to lower their defensive posture, to get them into the sales process, the goal at the closing table was to sell the deal and make some profits. Give it a try, I know you’re going to like it.

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