Creating a Personal Database as a Salesperson

On this week’s episode of Kain & Co., David Kain talks about personal business development and how creating your own database of customer information can help immensely as a salesperson.



David Kain: Hello and welcome to Kain & Company. I’m David Kain, president of Kane Automotive, and I appreciate you joining me here on the CBT Automotive Network. Today, I’m going to talk to you about creating a personal database at the salesperson level. If you think about it, most salespeople really do not pay attention to their own database in favor of what goes into the CRM. So, let’s get right to.

David Kain: Imagine we have just spent two hours with a customer and they are gleefully purchasing their new vehicle, and what we’re finding is a lot of salespeople are in a position where they don’t understand what personal business development can really do as a catalyst to their career growth. So, I want to share with you an idea that one of my friends brought to me and I really wish when I was a salesperson I would’ve had the same thing. Notably, your CRM that the dealership owns is going to have a lot of information, so everything that you would put in the phone that I’m getting ready to show you should go into your CRM so that you and your management team is able to follow up.

David Kain: But, let’s just say for example, I just sold Joe Customer a vehicle. I go into my smart phone, I create a contact, and then I’m in a position where I can say, “Hey Joe, would you mind if I took a picture of this delivery?” I simply take the picture, and I’ve got Joe right there. I’m able to put him into the picture and then I’m able to save that into the contact so at any point in time if I get a call from Joe, I’m in a position to where I’m able to see what Joe look like. Perhaps I can take a selfie and put a husband, wife, or couple into the photo. Sometimes if you take a picture of the car, that also gives you another memory maker. But, additionally what I want to do is I want to start going in here and enriching this data by putting birthdays, by putting cell numbers, by putting LinkedIn contacts, Facebook contact, Instagram, all kinds of social medias, all kinds of social media.

David Kain: Additionally, what I’m able to do is type in notes about my dialogue with the customer. When I think about notes, what I’m really looking to do is maybe put in little conversation starters, like who the family members are, whether they have children, what the children’s names are, what kind of occupation are they in, how long have they been doing that? Is it something that I could participate in and maybe send them customers? What kind of recreation are they into? Do they like boating? Do they like fishing? Maybe they’re into different types of other sports or they follow their children and then we can make notes of that.

David Kain: Additionally, do they have any kind of motivation? What are the things that cause them to need a car? What was their motivation for the car? Maybe motivators like they’re very philanthropic, they’re active in the community, maybe they’re passionate about something. Things that motivate them I think are quite important. Additionally, is there anything in there that would allow you to understand what kind of team that they’re interested in, and ultimately whether they have any pets or other animals so that you really are in a position to where, by the time you go through this and you add that love of detail, it is a foregone conclusion that you’re going to become friends with this customer, hopefully for life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a dealership pose that, or a salesperson literally say to the customer, “I hope you’ll be a customer for life,” and then the salesperson forgets about them just as soon as they watch their tail lights flash off the lot on delivery.

David Kain: So, what I would love to do is to encourage all of you to pull out your phones now, take a look at the contacts, create me as a contact if you want to, take a picture of the screen, and stay in communication and build on your personal database. Because, this personal database literally can be expanded into cars that you sold in 2019, SUVs that you sold in 2019, vehicles that you sold in July or August of 2019. Make sure that you create the data field so that then you’re able to keep up with it, and next thing you know, yes, the CRM for the dealership is going to be very rich, but on the off chance that you’re on a day off and you get a call from a customer, wouldn’t it be awesome to sit here and go, “Oh, that’s who this is. I’m going to take that call,” and you jump on and you can immediately pick up. You can hold the phone away, look at the notes, talk on the speaker phone and say, “Oh, by the way, how’s this doing? Or how are your children? Or, Hey, I was thinking just the other day about you,” and all you’re really doing is giving your mind that kind of technical boost so that you’re able to help yourself be more productive.

David Kain: Give it a try. I think you’ll be shocked at how successful it is, and before you know it, you’re going to have a personal database that affords you an opportunity to really relax a little bit at the end of the month, still help the dealership achieve their result, but you be in a position to where you know, because you take care of your database, that you’re going to have opportunities present themselves time and Time again. Give it a try. I’ll be glad to help you along the way anyway that I can, and thank you very much for joining me here on Kain & Company. We’ll see you next week. I’m David Kain.

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