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automotiveMastermind unveils Showroom for enhanced dealer experiences

automotiveMastermind, a leading data and technology provider in the automotive industry, has introduced Showroom to its Mastermind technology suite. Showroom is engineered to convert every customer interaction into a discovery opportunity for dealers, enriching the shopping journey for prospective buyers who are prepared to purchase.

Showroom is poised to revolutionize the customer experience, capturing detailed deal preferences and enhancing Mastermind’s capacity to deliver personalized messages based on customer insights gathered during their research. Seamlessly integrated into Mastermind’s Predictive Marketing system, Showroom offers direct access through the Mastermind platform, empowering customers to customize their deals according to their unique buying preferences. This streamlined approach allows customers to kick-start purchasing via the dealer’s preferred digital retailing partner before setting foot in the Showroom.

Caroline Student, senior director of predictive marketing at automotiveMastermind, highlighted the significance of Internet leads and first-party data in driving dealer demand and profitability. “Dealers increasingly rely on these resources,” she noted, “and Showroom reinforces our commitment to arming them with actionable data and personalized messaging strategies, ultimately enhancing their operational efficiency and sales performance.”

Showroom’s key benefits for dealers include:

  • Amplified Engagement: Facilitating more interactions to collect customer feedback and tailor outreach efforts.
  • Enhanced Attribution: Providing in-depth insights into customer interactions on customized landing pages enables dealers to refine deals based on buying preferences.
  • Elevated Visibility of Purchase Intent: Identifying high-quality leads enables dealers to prioritize potential buyers confidently.
  • Extended Customer Engagement Throughout the Purchase Cycle: Thanks to integrations with digital retail providers like CarNow, customers can now act on Mastermind offers directly through the showroom landing page.

Furthermore, Showroom assists in clearly showcasing attribution to dealers, establishing a direct link between Mastermind Predictive Marketing initiatives and ROI impact.

This latest addition to Mastermind’s offerings represents a value-added feature for existing customers, complementing the company’s existing digital retail integrations with CarNow and Gubagoo. Showroom leverages both first-party and third-party data connections within Mastermind to enhance customers’ online shopping experiences.

This innovative functionality will be rolled out to dealer partners currently utilizing Mastermind. To explore more about Showroom and its capabilities, visit

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