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dealership collaboration planning

How to encourage better interdepartmental collaboration in the dealership

Remote work has undoubtedly disrupted the workforce, with many employees working from home and eliminating in-person collaboration. While there are some companies who say...

Nissan’s new EV program—what does it mean for dealers?

Nissan is making the switch to electric vehicles easier with the introduction of EV Carefree+ and new customer initiatives. These initiatives include an eight-year or 100,000-mile...

Is the surge in automotive M&A activity likely to continue in...

Over the past year, CBT News has reported on the incredible M&A activity in the retail automotive industry. Profitability, transactions, and market valuations for...
LMP Automotive - Ryan Kerrigan

Buy/Sell expert Ryan Kerrigan discusses LMP Automotive’s acquisition of two high-volume...

The newest publicly traded retailer to the market, LMP Automotive, recently closed on a handful of dealerships, including two high-volume Kia stores. Today on...

Wrapping up the 2021 NADA Virtual Show

The first ever virtual National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) show is coming to an end. The virtual experience began on Tuesday, February 9 and...
RV Sales

RV and Camper Sales Grow During the Pandemic

Consumers are renewing their love for the open road in newly purchased recreation vehicles and camper trailers. As travelers continue to be wary of hotels,...
Features Car Buyers Want

Dash Cams Sit Atop the List of Features Car Buyers Want

All car buyers have a unique set of features they want in a new vehicle. Some shoppers enjoy the luxury of a convertible top,...

Campaigns Generating Conversions Sell More Cars

 Today's Tip of The Day comes from Brian Pasch as he talks about how to get the most out of your website so your...

The CAPI Strategy: Built to Help You Win

 Are you wondering what to do next? What can you do this month that you didn't do last? Cory Mosley has a strategy built...
Tip Of The Day

Don’t Stop Short and Miss A Sale

Sometimes you may be the reason why a sale didn't happen. In today's Tip Of The Day, Paul Cummings shares with you how many...