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5 SEO strategies to boost your dealership’s web engagement

Authority is essential when it comes to SEO content. You want your website and dealership to stand out by using credible links and sources.

About 53% of mobile and desktop users click on organic search results rather than paid ads, according to BrightEdge Research. Since we know this, car dealership owners and marketing specialists should focus on providing SEO-based content to increase website views and engagement organically. 

Consumers do not want to feel forced or sold when looking for information. Listed below are five key strategies to consider while using SEO to grow your thriving dealership’s website as organically as possible.

Use long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are types of keywords that are usually longer than our words. They take the main keyword, like the model of the car, and add specific details such as words like:

  • cheap
  • near me
  • colors
  • cut
  • price points

Long-tail keywords have an advantage over regular keywords since they use specific words that are not as commonly searched. Finding these keywords can be a breeze if you use the right marketing tools like SEO keywords, Google SEO analytics, or Market Muse.

Create blog content with authority 

Authority is essential when it comes to SEO content. You want your website and dealership to stand out by using credible links and sources. If you can, hire freelance writers or an SEO specialist to create blog content that has authority.

It is important to only link to websites with a higher authority than yours. This is a great way to engage readers since potential consumers will trust your work and continue coming back to the blog.

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Keep content short and limit to five-line paragraphs

Search engines go through website content as quickly as possible and look at readability, including the length of sentences and paragraphs. Short paragraphs under five lines will do better than long paragraphs that take up an entire web page. 

Optimize all elements

Do you know what optimizing elements and content are? When you optimize all the elements on a page, you are using keywords and best SEO practices to gather as many clicks as possible, naturally. First, consider your URL? Is your URL unique? Does it contain your business name or the keyword? You can manually change the URL using websites like Wix and WordPress.

The meta description is also the first wall of text your reader or potential buyer will look through. Choosing a description that uses the main keyword and is interactive and engaging enough to entice a reader to click on the search result is crucial. Limit this to about 60 characters as there is not much space within the meta description.

Analyze SEO results using analytical tools

Once you have used these methods, you can start researching and analyzing the data to see if the keywords are working. Most website builders, like WordPress and Wix, have analytical tools that can tell you information like where your views are coming from, if they are organic, and if your blog is linked to other sites as a credible source of information.

Have a before and after graph. It is best to use images and diagrams as you can see the growth and change between the changes.

More and more car dealerships are building authority as educated companies by optimizing their website content. If you want to gather more website views organically, try using SEO best practices. SEO specialists can assist you with creating a more specific plan.

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