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As the demand for electric vehicles surges, it is crucial for dealers to develop a sound marketing strategy to address these buyers.

How to electrify your EV marketing strategy

Electric vehicles are becoming more prominent in dealerships. With customer interest in EVs rising along with occasional spikes in gas prices, it’s time to...
used car

Tips and tricks to make your used car dealership standout online

The pandemic years changed the landscape of many markets, especially the used car marketplace. According to an eLEND survey, “Almost 80% of auto dealers...
In the world of automotive marketing, both Google and Bing offer some specific competitive advantages and unique tools.

Google vs Bing search: mapping out the differences

Google and Bing are the kings of search in the United States, regardless of what you are searching for. In the world of automotive...
image SEO

Is image SEO important for car dealers?

From 2016 to 2018, image searches grew by 60%, according to Google. Today, more consumers are centering their searches around photos, which is excellent...

5 SEO strategies to boost your dealership’s web engagement

About 53% of mobile and desktop users click on organic search results rather than paid ads, according to BrightEdge Research. Since we know this, car dealership...

4 useful ways auto dealerships can boost their SEO

Just like continued education on sales techniques and learning new service protocols for EVs, updating your SEO knowledge is essential. And before we look...

4 SEO tweaks for a bump in online traffic to your...

In the age of digital everything, it’s all but guaranteed that car shoppers will be online from the beginning stages of their vehicle search...

Can’t close the sale? It’s a search problem

Companies across every industry are trying to enhance their online presence in order to boost brand awareness and drive sales. Ecommerce merchants have a...

Why optimizing Google My Business can lead to high quality traffic

On the latest episode of Auto Marketing Now, host Brian Pasch, Founder of PCG Companies, covers the latest updates to the dealer's number one source of...
digital marketing

Digital marketing is crucial to automotive parts and accessories

Customers live their lives online—and it’s not a passing fad. The mass migration to digital shopping has been well underway for decades and the...