Instagram, Twitter, and Meta (formerly Facebook) may likely already be on your radar for customer acquisition and brand expansion. If they are, it’s with good reason as all three offer benefits for dealer marketers. However, with all the attention paid to these platforms — and even newcomer TikTok — it can be easy to forget about a veteran in the space, LinkedIn.

While it may be absent in some dealership marketing conversations, it deserves consideration as a customer acquisition and marketing tool. Not giving it a chance may mean missing out on sales in this era of high customer demand.

Here are four reasons you should consider including LinkedIn in your customer acquisition strategies.

1. LinkedIn Can Add Credibility to Your Dealership’s Brand

A 2020 “US Digital Trust Survey” put together by market research company eMarketer, revealed that LinkedIn was the most trusted social media platform, specifically when it comes to handling data privacy and security for users.

Data gathered by marketing data company, Marketing Charts, revealed that brand trust is a deciding factor in purchasing decisions for eight in ten consumers. Your dealership’s brand could benefit from associating with LinkedIn by allowing you to boost your credibility with consumers.

2. Build Relatability

While LinkedIn is an excellent place for business marketing, it also creates a unique opportunity for dealers to develop stronger connections with customers by sharing who they are as a company.

LinkedIn is a hub for professionals to network and learn more about companies they want to interact with and work for. Thus, it allows companies to show who they are behind the scenes and share company news directly with consumers. Ultimately, you can use LinkedIn as an opportunity to lift the veil on who your dealership team is so your customers feel like they are interacting with real people instead of an institution.

3. Get Your Dealership Videos Shared

LinkedIn users are 20 times more likely to re-share a video post. This stat should be excellent news for you and your marketing teams. As we’ve come to know, videos have become some of the most popular marketing mediums out there, and they can help drive engagement for your brand.

Whether you want to share “how-to’s” that provide direct value to customers or video walkthroughs of a car, LinkedIn can make these efforts more worthwhile for your dealership marketing teams. Also, don’t forget about the impact of live video. LinkedIn’s live videos receive seven times more reactions on average than native videos.

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4. LinkedIn’s Ad Reach Is Growing

Looking to get more value for your ad spend? Well, you may want to add LinkedIn to your ad spend mix. In Q4 of 2020, LinkedIn’s ad reach grew 3.5% to 25 million.

You also have more opportunities to sharpen the reach of your dealership ads to find your audience, as LinkedIn allows you to pick from 200 targeting characteristics. You can potentially increase your ROI and add efficiency to your ad spend by ensuring you’re reaching those that will resonate the most with your dealership.

LinkedIn May Be the Next Best Platform for Your Dealership Marketing

A critical goal of any exceptional marketing team is to expand a brand’s reach efficiently. In many ways, LinkedIn checks many of the boxes to accomplish this.

While it may not have as many users as other social media platforms, the audiences are just as — and potentially more —engaged. From increasing your dealership brand’s credibility to helping you better connect with potential car buyers through video, LinkedIn offers many opportunities for dealerships that want to acquire new customers and expand their reach.

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