Strategies your car dealership can use to reach new benchmarks this year

How prepared are you for success in this first quarter of 2022? Typically a new year means car dealers are armed with new goals and resolutions, but could there be something you’re missing? On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome David Kain, President of Kain Automotive and host of Kain & Co., to tell us what preparations should look like for a successful year and how the retail automotive industry is changing online.

While the auto industry’s supply constraints linger on, Kain says car dealers can’t just watch from the sidelines. They have to make the necessary internal adjustments and have a pioneer mindset. Evaluate how your salespeople and BDC representatives work with the customers. Make sure their communications are solution-driven.

When teaching BDC or internet sales team members how to respond to a lead, do a two-minute drill. Take a look at the history of this guest, have they shopped with you before? Are they a duplicate opportunity? Have they been loyal to your service department? Have they purchased a vehicle or multiple vehicles from you before? Once you have established those answers, then you can choose your approach.

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One strategy that Kain believes dealers need to focus on is called messaging-first. The typical car dealership website is all about gathering information so that a BDC rep can then follow up later. However, if the rep can immediately live message the guest on the website instead of filling out a form, then the conversation can get started right away. You want to make sure that the employees at the car dealership are the ones doing the engagement. Once the engagement starts, focus on building a relationship with that customer, preferably by phone.

Kain will be covering all this and more in great detail during the upcoming Kain Automotive Clients and Friends Workshop this April 19 through 21. This year, attendees will be treated to Kentucky horse racing and a bourbon distillery tour. Additionally, the Presidio Group will lead a Sharktank-like pitch competition. Register here today!

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