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The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there were 60 deaths among automotive technicians in 2019. With this information in hand, it’s more important than ever to have a healthy work environment in the fixed ops departments, not just from a physical standpoint, but also on the mental health front. 

In this article, we will outline practical steps to keep your workforce healthy and happy. Our tips can be implemented without a lot of effort, allowing you to change the environment today. 

recallsCreate a superior workplace culture

The better the company culture is, the healthier the work environment becomes. Employees remain productive and there are fewer internal costs. To create a good culture, you need to consider the people that become part of the equation. You want staff that is compatible with the team and is highly motivated. 

You should also consider these tactics:

  • Set departmental goals and check on them
  • Allow for humor
  • Prioritize respect for all employees
  • Implement a recognition program
  • Schedule social gatherings

When your staff feels valued and part of a team, there is more success happening across the board.

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Boost the physical environment well-being

The environment that your employees work in must also be safe. You must provide safety equipment for all of your employees, whether they require protective glasses, gloves or clothing. 

You should also take a look around the building to see if there are unknown hazards. Are surfaces slippery and are tools maintained to ensure optimal safety? Additionally, any technicians working on electric or hybrid cars should have special training to ensure protection. 

Implement better health and lifestyle practices

There are some simple ways you can encourage your staff to be healthier. Here are a few options:

  • Never skip lunch breaks
  • Provide healthy snacks in meetings and employee areas
  • Allow for regular breaks to reduce strain and stress
  • Add natural sunlight into work areas
  • Create social gatherings that encourage physical activity, such as a fundraising run or family picnic

If your staff is healthy, they will be more productive and expenses will also drop dramatically. 

Enhance emotional supportive management

The health of your employees should always go beyond what’s physical to see how you can increase emotional wellness. Every one of your staff members encounters problems that affect mental and emotional health. It’s important that you don’t overlook their needs if you want the fixed-ops departments to run at optimal levels. 

Show genuine concern to your employees and let them know you are there for them. By having compassion, you ensure everyone knows you are there to walk with them. You can also look deeper into the struggles to offer group support. For example, offer quarterly seminars about topics that might affect your employees, such as financial planning classes, career training or grief counseling. Your staff can decide which events suit their needs and participate when the time is appropriate. 

Give your dealership an advantage

With how much time we spend at work, it only makes sense to focus on well-being during shop hours. By focusing on the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of your staff, you help increase productivity and ensure a better working environment for everyone that enters. In no time, your dealership will be the go-to location for anyone looking to find a supportive and encouraging career. Set yourself apart from the competition by paying close attention to your staff. 

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