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automotive compliance

Automotive Compliance vs. Ethics: The Lines are Getting Blurry

Taking an ethical approach may seem hard but has long-term benefits By Jim Radogna Ethics and compliance are different from each other, but both are vitally important...
test drive

Turn a Test Drive Into A Sale

Internet Research Takes Out Emotion; Test Drive Puts it Back By Mark Tewart  In that path there are specific things that can be done to increase the...
PPC vendor

Your PPC Vendor Can’t Answer The Big Question

Clicks Don’t Sell Cars; Marketing Should Aim For the Return on Investment By Gino Cipperoni How many cars did my digital marketing sell me? That’s the...
facebook ads

Facebook Ads Target Service Customers

Unlocking Digital Gold Mine in the Service Department By Glenn Pasch Think of the Gold Rush of the early 1900’s. People crossed the country because they heard...
employee theft

Limit Your Vulnerability to Employee Theft

Are Your Employees Hiding Anything? By Chuck Sujansky Employers in every industry are increasingly becoming victimized by theft of goods and services from once-trusted employees. How widespread...
sunrise toyota

Service Figured Prominently In The Sunrise Toyota Recreation

Jimmy Berg’s Long Island store overhaul addressed big needs in the store he bought several years ago By Jon McKenna That vehicle service generates the lion’s share...
automotive marketing fundamentals

One Skill Dealership GMs Need Today

Intimacy With Automotive Marketing Fundamentals By Glenn Pasch Recently, I was asked what skills does a dealership general manager need to succeed today that weren’t as...
mystery shopped

Don’t fear being ‘mystery shopped’; shape the process to work for...

Worry more about what motivates online shoppers than about your grade, and sales performance will improve. BY DAVID KAIN Very few phrases elicit the level...
Paying BDC Agents

Consider These Plans For BDC Agents Paid By The Hour

Keep your hourly rate competitive and implement fresh incentives daily and monthly. BY BILL WITTENMYER A friend of mine says all the time that “Our pay...
Keeping Salespeople Happy

Possible Answers For Tough Challenges In Keeping Salespeople Happy And Closing...

Issues with promoting salespeople, getting test drives, BDC’s role, split sales forces BY DAVID LEWIS This month, we asked leading sales trainer David Lewis for...