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Glenn is a trainer at heart. He is a highly sought-after speaker, writer, coach and operations strategist, as well as a customer service fanatic. He has spoken throughout the U.S. and Canada, educating audiences on a variety of topics including business leadership, change management, digital marketing and the impact of this new technology on culture, business and society. Visit the website www.pcgcompanies.com

You’ve Been Promoted. Now what?

  CONGRATS, you’ve been promoted.  Now what? Glenn Pasch says there are two things you should do before anything else. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Congratulations, you've now been promoted...

How To Use Patience to Benefit your Process!

Patience is a virtue, but what about in auto retail when cranking out cars every 30 days is a necessity? Glenn explains how to...

Mapping Out the First and Last Hours of Your Day

  In auto retail, things can slip through the cracks during your process. Glenn Pasch suggests mapping out the first and last hours of your...
social media advertisingvideo

Social Media Advertising

Does social media really help sell cars?  Glenn says “Yes”, but you have to know how to properly use it. 

Do your customers want to tell people about you?

  Everyone has a why buy message. However, Glenn wants to know when your customers do business with you, do you make them feel good...

How to Remove Friction Between Teams

Recently I returned for a follow-up visit with a client where we had installed a new sales process for their team. Gathering a few...
dealership teamvideo

Promoted to Management? 2 Tips to Run Your Dealership Team

Our Tip of the Day comes from Glenn Pasch. Congratulations, you have now been promoted to run a team. So either you have been brought...

How Facebook Awareness Campaigns Affect Your Audience

We’ve all heard about Facebook advertising.  One strategy you might not be aware is awareness ads.  Glenn explains how an awareness campaign can impact...
digital marketing

The Hardest Role to Hire and Retain: Why You Need a Digital Marketing Manager

One of the hardest positions to hire for, train and keep in an automotive dealership is a digital marketing manager. Owners spend thousands and,...

Requirements vs. Requests

What is the difference between a requirement and request when it comes to your dealership management? Glenn explains.

What Is Next for Dealer Inspire? – Joe Chura Provides Insight

CBT News welcomes back Joe Chura, President of Dealer Inspire, as he provides insight on whats next for Dealer Inspire. We learn more about...
Talent Operationsvideo

How Talent Operations Affects Your Entire Dealership

Are you building an employee brand online and in-store that attracts and retains the right talent for your dealership? Here to help explain how talent...
electric vehicles

Why Are People NOT Buying Electric Vehicles From You?

Shoppers are calling and looking at your electric vehicles. They test drive them, but then seem to lose interest. Your ‘features and benefits’ presentations...
Used Car

Edmunds: Used Car Sales Hits A Record High

March 21, 2018- The latest Edmunds Used Car Report indicates that used car sales hit a record high in 2017. They show a 1.6 percent...

What Dealerships Need to Do to Attract the Next Generation of Workers

Baby Boomers are retiring and Gen X-ers in the workforce have past their peak. According to a Pew Research study, Millennials now make up...

Benefitting From Digital Retail

On today's episode of Kain & Co., David Kain invites Todd Caputo, Dealer Principal with Sun Auto Group in upstate New York, to discuss...

Fishing Where Other People Don’t Fish

  On this week's edition of On the Mark, Mark Tewart talks about how giving a little extra effort and fishing where others aren't fishing...

Why Dealers Struggle with Managing Google Analytics Data

On this week's episode of Auto Marketing Now, Brian Pasch talks about the psychology and the barriers that are keeping the knowledge gap between...

Stress Survival in Service

On this week's edition of the Weekly Tune-Up, Becky goes over ways to deal with stress in the service drive.